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This page will contain guides to all the singing methods that are currently stubbed on wiki instead of little different articles. it's a work in progress.

Estill Voice Training System[edit]

The Estill Voice Training system was developed by Jo Estill in 1988 with the foundation of the "Compulsory Figures for Voice" training system. Estill invented a system in which the singer is trained to associate certain "figures" or exercises with movement of different vocal muscles. This is contrasted with Speech Level Singing and Bel Canto which both use lip trills, scales and other exercises to teach singers to blend their voice into a soft, quiet head voice. Unlike both those systems, Estill's system, in addition to those methods also adds teaching for learning audibly loud, raised larynx singing on higher notes -- a method commonly referred to as belting. The method hinges on 13 exercises[1], all of which are designed to teach the user to voluntarily control 13 different muscle combinations of the voice related muscles[2]. The methods publicises that it teaches the student what muscles they are learning to control. Estill believes this allows their vocal students to sing different types of music authentically, but with more understanding of the science behind it, rather than learning by imitation and scales, as in Bel Canto and in Speech Level Singing.

The method is divided into two levels, level one and level two. In level one, "Compulsory Figures for Voice," the 13 exercises are learned[3]. In level two, "Figure Combinations for 6 Voice Qualities," these exercises are applied in practice, teaching the student to learn methods for the following 6 types of voice sounds[4]:

Unlike many singing methods, Estill uses workshops and teaching sessions[5], eschewing books and cd boxset guides, although a set of cards with a reminder of the 12 basic exercises are available, they are not reccomended unless you have taken a course[6].

Book from Donna Soto-Morettini[edit]

Dr Donna Soto-Morettini, Former head of Musical Theatre at the RSAMD, wrote a book on singing technique. She also joined forces with Andrew Lloyd Webber and producer David Ian for the BBC to find a new young talent to star in the new West End production of The Sound of Music. Morettini was one of the casting directors for "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" and again for "Any Dream Will Do", auditioning hundreds of hopefuls for the role. [1]

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