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Hello. A few monthsyears ago, I graduated as a BSc, with "Honours of the First Division of the Second Class" (commonly known as a 2:1 grade), in Intelligent Systems - a lovely mix of Cybernetics, Computer Science and Psychology - at the University of Reading. Needless to say, those are my main interests, but I also tend to go round randomly tidying things up wherever I spot that they need it. I am now, theoretically at least, "job hunting" - so if you have a graduate computing career going spare, drop me a buzz ;-D

I'm also active (or have been, and may be again) on h2g2, from whence my user-name originates. Over there I have researcher number 110916, which shows how long I've been around, if you compare it with most people's (although there was a whole chunk skipped recently, so that's not so valid now). You can see my personal space at (although it's not much to look at right now).

Gosh, I thought I'd long ago mentioned that "UTC (or, to be rather old-fashioned, GMT) is local time for me - so if you see my signature with some ridiculously late hour timestamped on it, it really was that time when I made it". Of course that's not true in the summer, because they tend to fiddle about with the clocks!

You're right about daylight savings time though - it's like cutting a foot off one end of the blanket and sewing it on the other end in order to make the blanket longer. - Lady Scott †, remembering a cartoon she once saw depicting this.

To-do List[edit]

  1. Write to-do list (Done) Note: this joke was stolen from the website of a friend of mine (even though the joke is as old as the Great Wall of China).
  2. Write a proper introduction here, and one at meta, and one at h2g2 and, and...
  3. WriteHelp improve Chip and PIN.
  4. De-stubbificate University of Reading, where I've spent the last 3 years.
  5. For that matter, check Reading, England over, seeing as how I lived there and all.
  6. Have more fun with Twin townsTown twinning and List of twin towns and sister cities - maybe go through with a semi-bot and add links to the articles. Oh, and check the dates are consistent, too.
  7. The list of FOLDOC entries could possibly do with a semi-automated glance, too, to see which ones can be marked "no import".
  8. Write an IRC link bot, cos that would be fun.
  9. Add lots of Psychology and AI-related articles, and pretend that they're helping me do my revision because "I'm refactoring the information, like with revision notes" ;-)
  10. Ooh, talking of AI: write Thet Win Aung.
  11. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mosaic (web browser) et al.
  12. Avatar - the computer senses could perhaps be grouped into a separate article of their own?
  13. Leeching - serious rewrite required
  14. Magic number (programming) - we need a better article on file(1), magic, et al.. I'm not sure this is where it'll end up, but it's where the current info is...
  15. Last and First Men (hugely influential book, which I am currently reading)
  16. Add more things to-do list...
  17. Update to-do list, so it doesn't refer to places I'm not, things I'm not doing, etc. :-/