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You people make my anxiety act up. Here're my ugly userboxes.

Wikipedia-logo.pngThis user believes that Wikipedia IS a useful resource for reading articles.
Wikipedia-logo.png This user thinks you can learn a lot by editing an Encyclopedia.
Pengreen1.gifIOnlyKnowFiveWords likes to turn Wikipedia Green.
Incomplete list.svgThis user is not a prose nazi and sees no problem with a list or a table being on an article.
neutThis editor is a neutralist.
Deletionist?This user believes that a deletionist is also someone who reverts an edit. Right?
Noahs Ark.jpgThis user wants to compile and preserve the sum of all human knowledge.
Post a note, pleaseThis user believes that edits need
useful summaries
D:<Nothing annoys this user more than when a teacher says that Wikipedia isn't reliable and that anybody can enter anything completely untrue that'll stay.
W in blue.svgThis user prefers Wikipedia articles that use citation templates rather than reftags.
Namespace Wikipedia.1.svgThis user is not an administrator and has no desire to be one.
New-Wikipedia-explode.gifThis user HATES it when someone vandalizes Wikipedia.
This user is opposed to
political censorship
NotCommons-emblem-copyrighted.svgThis user supports the American policies of fair use and threshold of originality.PD-icon.svg
This user is against advertisements on Wikipedia.
DATAThis user believes that common sense is frequently misleading and prefers evidence.
YOUThis user dies a little inside whenever s/he sees the word you in an article.
This user thinks articles about large U.S. cities should follow the "City, State" format, not just "City".
Face-angry red.pngThis Wikipedian hates seeing red
Wikipedia-logo-v2.svgThis user likes "Trivia" and "In popular culture" information, and supports their inclusion.
This user uses the "Show preview" button so as to avoid making a great number of useless, successive edits.Show preview button.PNG
Unbalanced scales.svgThis user strives to maintain a policy of neutrality on controversial issues.
Balanced scales.svgThis user does not allow personal bias to interfere in any way with their actions within the encyclopedia.
Unbalanced scales.svgThis user has strong political views, but feels that Wikipedia is not the proper place to express them.
? supportThis user doesn't care if users place adjectives in their recommendations.? oppose
Znak C-12.svgThis user finds edit/revert wars disruptive.
Nuvola apps important.svgThis User believes that one can sum up one's entire political, social, and Wikipedia policies beliefs with a creative userbox, such as this one.
Stock alarm.svgBecause of real life, this user will be editing on and off.