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A filtered selfie.

Hello! Welcome to my user page, a page where I can talk about myself, what I like to do on Wikipedia and possibly elsewhere, and what might affect my editing. For example, if I believed I had a potential conflict of interest, I'd declare it here. If I didn't understand English very well, I'd say so; likewise, if I knew any other languages, I'd also say so. You'll also notice various "decorations" on this page (the "ads" above the paragraph, the picture and userboxen to the right, etc.) These help me to express what sort of Wikipedian I am. You can access your own user page here. All blue/purple text can be clicked for further explanation, as can the "ad" above this paragraph.

I used to let other people edit my user page; I still don't mind if people do. However, my user page has had to be protected repeatedly, and not a lot of people edited, anyways. In response to that, I created a subpage here, which is inserted with a template to the "main page". I then requested that my "main" userpage be semi-protected indefinitely.

How to contact me

How to contact me across the internet

Some places where I hang out on IRC


Please note that basically none of these chatrooms will be active at all times. It may take several minutes for someone to respond to you. If nobody responds to you after ten or fifteen minutes, it's okay to leave and come back later.

None of these chatrooms are private. When you send a message, you will be speaking to a lot of people. You won't be speaking to somebody one on one. You can, however, contact me one-on-one by typing /query IDoH, but I may not be around at all times.

If you connect to IRC using these links, your IP address will be revealed; it's likely your IP address will be revealed if you connect to IRC no matter what the method unless you have what's called a "cloak" to hide it.

The list

Frequently asked questions

Questions about my username

Why am I named I dream of horses?

It was an impulsive decision, but since I actually like horses, and also, because it's pseudonymous, it's not a decision I regret.

Do I actually dream of horses?

I've only had one dream of horses that I remember; it was of robotic talking horses, and years after I registered this account.

Do I like horses?

Actually, I already answered this with the first question, but yes I do. I've ridden them off and on, more "off" than "on".

The article I wrote might get deleted!

Why did I nominate the article you created for deletion?

Probably because of either a non-neutral point of view tone, because I didn't think the article you created met our notability standards, or both.

What if the article is already deleted?

If the article is already deleted, I can help you find out the admin who deleted it, so you confront them.

What if it's nominated for Articles for Deletion?

If it's at articles for deletion, then you can state your opinion there.

What if it's nominated because I wrote about a living person without adding sources?

Add the sources, then remove the tag at the top.

What if it's nominated for a procedural deletion?

Then remove the tag at the top; however, if you do so, you might have to endure an articles for deletion discussion.

Can I remove the tag?

Unless it's a PROD or procedural deletion, then no, you can't.

Why did you revert my edit?

Probably because I was reverting vandalism. Less commonly, because I thought the edit you made wasn't constructive, but wasn't vandalistic, either. I also make mistakes; tell me if I did.

OMG! You're such a good editor!

Uhm, thanks?

Will I go through a request for adminship?

I don't like a lot of attention, so I will not request the admin bit.

Can I give you a Wikilove template?

Yes, so long as it's sincere. However, note that since I already a lot of Wikilove templates here, I particularly won't appreciate being spammed by one. I also might remove the template if I think you didn't mean to give me one.

Am I a bot? Do I run one?

No and no. I use semi-automated programs, like huggle, and autowikibrowser.

Ways of receiving Wikipedia-related help

Help in general

Help and policies for writing articles

Various noticeboards and policies for complex issues

About me



One gateway to the wide garden
of knowledge, where lies
The deep rock of our past,
in which we must delve
the well of our future,
The clear water we must leave untainted
for those who come after us,
The fertile earth, in which
truth may grow in bright places,
tended by many hands,
And the broad fall of sunshine,
warming our first steps toward knowing
how much we do not know.

Catherine Munro

inspired by This is a printing office,
by Beatrice Warde

I tend to make minor edits--reverting malicious edits found with huggle, patrolling new pages found on the new pages feed, and welcoming new users with either huggle or twinkle. I used to be able to use autowikibrowser, but now can't since updating to El Capitan. I light-hearteningly consider myself to be a WikiGnome, WikiImp or a WikiJanitor, as do other Wikipedians.

I believe that Wikipedia can be a valuable resource when used as a starting place for research; however, no adult or teenager should ever use it solely for research, per the general disclaimer. What I like about Wikipedia is that we're trying to educate other people, however imperfectly we may do it.

I enjoy listening to Pandora, where I have over 30 stations, iHeartRadio (specifically, WQXR, KUSC, and a Liquid Mind station), and watching Netflix, where I frequently change what I binge watch. I spend most of my time on my laptop.

I live in California, which is in the Pacific Time Zone; however, I have a really odd sleep pattern, so I can be on at any time. As can be expected, I speak American English; specifically, I speak mostly northern Midland American English with an incredibly slight southern accent. I know a few signs in American Sign Language; however I never get to use it enough to remember much of anything.

I've been a lacto-ovo vegetarian since the age of nine, partially due to the difficulty I have chewing meat. My favorite foods include pizza, and pad thai. I like to drink milk, juice, soda, and water.

I have a couple of developmental disabilities (specifically, ataxic cerebral palsy, ADD and atypical autism), and depression; however, I don't believe they affect how I edit much at all. I pretty much stick to what I'm good at and don't edit when I'm stressed out, busy, or not feeling well.

My previous accounts

I have a few previous accounts from when I was younger and less able to deal with conflict and criticism. I never intended to use these accounts at the same time. I never used them abusively.

These are my previous usernames:

  • Umalee
  • Kannie
  • Justpassin
  • Call me Bubba


I have a Wikipedian humor page here, a wikilove page here, and deletion tagging pages here and here.