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I dream of horses
— Wikipedian  —
BornApril 13, 1990
Country United States of America
Time zonePacific time zone
Current time2024-07-19 22:11 UTC
EthnicityMostly German-American
Height5 foot four
Weight210 pounds
HairReddish brown with blonde highlights
IQHigh average
Personality typeISTJ
Family and friends
Marital statussingle
SiblingsOne older brother
ParentsBoth alive
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SignatureI dream of horses (Contribs) (Talk) 18:54, 20 March 2023 (UTC)

Hello! Welcome to my user page, a page where I can talk about myself, what I like to do on Wikipedia and possibly elsewhere, and what might affect my editing. For example, if I believed I had a potential conflict of interest, I'd declare it here. If I didn't understand English very well, I'd say so; likewise, if I knew any other languages, I'd also say so. You'll also notice various "decorations" on this page (the template above this paragraph, the picture and infobox to the right, the userboxen to the left, etc.) These help me to express what sort of Wikipedian I am. You can access your own user page here. All blue/purple text can be clicked for further explanation, as can the "ad" above this paragraph.

I used to let other people edit my user page; I still don't mind if people do. However, my user page has had to be protected repeatedly, and not a lot of people edited, anyways. In response to that, I created a subpage here, which is inserted with a template to the "main page". I then requested that my "main" userpage be semi-protected indefinitely.

I tend to make minor edits--reverting malicious edits found with huggle, making very minor edits using autowikibrowser, patrolling new pages found on the new pages feed, and welcoming new users with either huggle or twinkle. The work I do on Wikipedia is similar to this zits comic. I light-heartedly consider myself to be a WikiGnome, as do other Wikipedians.

I believe that Wikipedia can be a valuable resource when used as a starting place for research; however, no adult or teenager should ever use it solely for research, per the general disclaimer. What I like about Wikipedia is that we're trying to educate other people, however imperfectly we may do it.

Note to the press

The Wikimedia Foundation, the English Wikipedia, and specific articles within our encyclopedia are all routinely the subject of substantial news coverage by reputable media sources. Unfortunately, the media often misunderstands how Wikipedia works, leading to mistakes and even retractions. If you stumble upon my profile while working on an article for a reputable news source, please feel free to reach out to me for clarification on any facts or just to sanity check yourself. If I can't do it, I can probably find someone who can. You can contact me by any of the means listed below. You can, alternatively, browse through the rest of my userpage to find out more about this bizarre corner of the internet.

Above paragraph blatantly copied, and pasted from TheSandDoctors' userpage, who apparently copied and pasted from a former version of BU Rob13s' userpage; brutally edited afterwards to fit my situation.

How to contact me

  • Pinging me at your own talk page by say something with {{ping|I dream of horses}} somewhere within it.
  • Emailing me by clicking here .
  • Going (back?) to my talk page by clicking here.
  • Contacting me on discord. I'm StarDreamer#0001, and hang out in the Wikimedia discord server. If I find you trustworthy enough to send or accept a friend request, I can be asked to send an invite link to my discord server.

Frequently asked questions



One gateway to the wide garden
of knowledge, where lies
The deep rock of our past,
in which we must delve
the well of our future,
The clear water we must leave untainted
for those who come after us,
The fertile earth, in which
truth may grow in bright places,
tended by many hands,
And the broad fall of sunshine,
warming our first steps toward knowing
how much we do not know.

Catherine Munro

inspired by This is a printing office,
by Beatrice Warde

The article I wrote might get deleted!

Why did I nominate the article you created for deletion?

Probably because of either a non-neutral point of view tone, because I didn't think the article you created met our notability standards, or both.

What if the article is already deleted?

If the article is already deleted, I can help you find the admin who deleted it, so you can talk about it with them.

What if it's nominated for Articles for Deletion?

If it's at articles for deletion, then you can state your opinion there.

What if it's nominated because I wrote about a living person without adding sources?

Add the sources, then remove the tag at the top.

What if it's nominated for a procedural deletion?

Then remove the tag at the top; however, if you do so, you might have to endure an articles for deletion discussion.

Can I remove the tag?

Unless it's a PROD or procedural deletion, then no, you can't.


Why was my draft rejected?

Barring a technological SNAFU, you should have a rejection message explaining why your draft was rejected with links. Perhaps you should look at those links to find more information.

Can you review my draft?

Most likely, I'll choose not to review your draft if you ask this; note that I'm not obligated to do so, anyways.

Why did you revert my edit?

Probably because I was reverting vandalism. Less commonly, because I thought the edit you made wasn't constructive, but wasn't vandalistic, either. I also make mistakes; tell me if I did.

Are you a bot? Do you run one?

No and no. I use semi-automated programs, like huggle, and autowikibrowser.

Can my account be deleted?

No. For technical and copyright reasons (Wikipedias' copyright license requires attribution), accounts can't be deleted. You can, however, vanish, or have a clean start instead. You can also simply stop editing.

Are you serious? There must be a way!

No, I'm serious. There's simply no way your account will be deleted, no matter how justified.

Under what circumstances can an admin protect my talk page?

If edits are needing to be hidden by oversight or rev-deletion, and there is no other way (that is, blocking, etc.) to prevent edits from needing to be hidden in the future, you can semi-protect my talk page. Please create an unprotected subpage for IPs and non-confirmed users to talk to me; at the very least, put {{User talk protected}} at the top. Of course, make the protection as short as possible. If I need indefinite semi-protection, I'll request it explicitly; otherwise, don't semi-protect my talk page indefinitely.

I am not an admin, so under no circumstances should my talk page be fully protected.

Can I edit this userpage?

Sure you can! Click here to do so. Just don't vandalize the page.

Where can people help with Wikipedia?

This actually isn't asked very frequently, but by golly, it should be!

You can find out what to do next on most pages by clicking on "random article" and adding ?gettingStartedReturn=true to the end of the web address at the top of the screen. Another way to find out what to do next by going to the community portal, particularly the department directory and maintenance department. Another way to find out what to do is to get suggestions from suggestbot.

Once you have a few months and umpteen dozen edits under your current username, you can sign up for the feedback request service, or at least look at {{cent}} every so often to help develop consensus. Technically, you can do this immediately; however, the more experienced you are, the more trusted.

How do people help new users specifically?

While it's not always a good idea to spam welcome templates, if you see a redlinked talk page link attached to a registered account in a page history, you should probably give one out (I prefer {{welcome-personal}} and {{welcome belated}} for registered accounts, myself). If you use the "good edit" keyboard shortcut (typing the letter "G") on huggle, you'll do the same thing; however, be careful with IPs, which may be drive-by editing and never see the welcome template. A lot of new users will click on the links in welcome templates to help themselves, and also contact you.

Also, having a talk page that's frequently archived with at least one thread left behind (I'm talking, a bare minimum, having seven day old threads archived---the more active you are in helping new users, the more you should archive), and having {{talk header preload}} at the top should both reduce the number of times new users accidentally mangle your talk page, and reduce what can be mangled.

What do you do if I "fix" a RegexTypoFix false positive?

  1. . Vent your frustrations to me civilly
  2. . Revert
  3. . Surround the "corrected" word(s) with {{not a typo}}

How do you want to be helped with harassment?

I was targeted by a sexual harassment sockpuppet who appears to be using a wide range of IPs. Checkusers are well-aware of the situation. Since The Creepster might decide to target me again, I'll leave the instructions below alone.

Admins: If you come upon pornographic imagery or a graphic request to do a sexual act, please be certain to block talk page access and emailing other users while blocking the offending editor. Oversighters and checkusers need to be alerted as well. Revision-delete the harassment.

Non-admins: Non-admins can email Checkusers at checkuser-en-wp@wikipedia.org, and contact oversighters at User:Oversight. After contacting Checkuser and Oversight, revert the edit.

Help in general

Help and policies for writing articles

AfC submissions
Random submission
4+ months
2,873 pending submissions
Purge to update

Various noticeboards and policies for complex issues

A note on my activity level

I might slow down or even temporarily stop editing during times of stress in any area of my life, or boredom surrounding Wikipedia. There's no reason to worry; I'll likely come back.

If you need to contact somebody for help, you can contact me on my talk page even if I'm not editing much. Somebody will likely respond, either me or a talk page watcher. You can also go to the links right above you, to learn how to edit on your own or get help from someone else.

This week's article for improvement is:


My previous accounts

I have a few previous accounts from when I was younger and less able to deal with conflict and criticism. I never intended to use these accounts at the same time. I never used them abusively.

These are my previous usernames:

  • Umalee
  • Kannie
  • Justpassin
  • Call me Bubba


I have a Wikipedian humor page here, a wikilove page here, a random page patrol button page here, and deletion tagging pages here and here.

Stuff I couldn't fit above

Tip of the day...
Ten things you may not know about Wikipedia

Ten things you may not know about Wikipedia is a list of insights about Wikipedia specifically targeted at people who have limited or no prior experience with the project (such as journalists, new editors, and new readers).

These explanations should not surprise experienced editors but will hopefully help the rest of the world to shape an informed opinion of our work.

To add this auto-updating template to your user page, use
{{tip of the day}}
Horatius Cocles

Horatius Cocles was an officer in the army of the early Roman Republic who famously defended the Pons Sublicius from the invading army of Etruscan king Lars Porsena of Clusium in the late 6th century BC, during the war between Rome and Clusium. By defending the narrow end of the bridge, he and his companions were able to hold off the attacking army long enough to allow other Romans to destroy the bridge behind him, blocking the Etruscans' advance and saving the city. This fanciful engraving of Cocles was produced in 1586 by the German-born Dutch printmaker Hendrick Goltzius. The full-length portrait shows him holding a raised sword in his right hand and a shield in his left. In the lower right of the background, Cocles takes on an army by himself.

Engraving credit: Hendrick Goltzius

Also, this Commons category full of space photography is AWESOME!