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Hi, I'm IagoQnsi (/iˈɑːɡ ˈkwɪnsi/), but my real name is Hayden Schiff. I am a rollbacker and a new page reviewer, and sometimes I write article content as well. I'm also very active on Wikimedia Commons. You can see my edit count and other statistics here.

You can find me elsewhere on the internet at

My work on Wikipedia

I've been editing Wikipedia since 2006 (originally under the name Oxguy3). Some of my contributions include:

  1. ^ It's worth noting that these stats are skewed upwards by a handful of files that are very heavily used; in particular, my most-used upload, File:Discogs record icon.svg, is used over 28,000 times, mostly on the Catalan, Galician, and Irish Wikipedias.