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Mountaineers with ODNB entries[edit]

Symbol confirmed.svg = half decent article Symbol possible vote.svg = OK article but deserves better Symbol delete vote.svg = poor article, very basic stub, or actually about someone else

Adams, William Grylls (1836–1915) Symbol delete vote.svg

Anthoine, Julian Vincent [Mo] (1939–1989), mountaineer

Auden, John Bicknell (1903–1991), geologist

Aves, Ernest Harry (1857–1917), social investigator and civil servant

Mountford John Byrde Baddeley (1843–1906), compiler of guidebooks

Cyril Bailey (1871–1957), classical scholar

Benham, Gertrude Emily [Truda] (1867–1938), traveller and collector

Bergne, Sir John Henry Gibbs (1842–1908), diplomatist

Black, Sir Robert Brown [Robin] (1906–1999), colonial administrator Symbol delete vote.svg

Peter Boardman (1950–1982), mountaineer and author Symbol possible vote.svg

Thomas George Bonney (1833–1923), geologist

Borthwick, Alastair Charles (1913–2003), journalist and mountaineer Symbol confirmed.svg

Bourdillon, Thomas Duncan (1924–1956), mountaineer and physicist Symbol confirmed.svg

Robert Brown, (1842–1895), geographer Symbol delete vote.svg

Thomas Graham Brown, (1882–1965), neurophysiologist and mountaineer Symbol confirmed.svg

Charles Granville Bruce, (1866–1939), army officer and mountaineer Symbol confirmed.svg (needs better referencing)

Charles Kenneth Howard-Bury, (1883–1963), mountaineer and army officer Symbol possible vote.svg (bit disordered and half of it's about the Yeti)

Arthur John Butler, (1844–1910), Italian scholar and mountaineer

Una May Cameron, (1904–1987), mountaineer

Frederick Spencer Chapman, (1907–1971), explorer and mountaineer

Chorley, Robert Samuel Theodore, first Baron Chorley (1895–1978), lawyer and conservationist

Collie, John Norman (1859–1942), organic chemist and mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg

Conway, (William) Martin, Baron Conway of Allington (1856–1937), art historian and mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg Could benefit from thorugh copyedit and rewrite

Coolidge, William Augustus Brevoort (1850–1926), mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg

Dod, Charlotte [Lottie] (1871–1960), sportswoman

Dunsheath [née Houchen], Cissie Providence [Joyce] (1902–1976), mountaineer and traveller

Charles John Ellicott, (1819–1905), bishop of Gloucester

Evans, Sir (Robert) Charles (1918–1995), surgeon and mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg

Percy Harrison Fawcett, (b. 1867, d. in or after 1925), soldier and explorer Symbol confirmed.svg

George Ingle Finch, (1888–1970), chemist and mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg bordering on Symbol delete vote.svg

Edward Arthur FitzGerald, (1871–1931), mountaineer

Douglas Freshfield (per. 1800–1918), lawyers Symbol confirmed.svg

George Ernest Gask, (1875–1951), surgeon

Alison Hargreaves, (1962–1995), mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg

Percy Wyn-Harris, Sir (1903–1979), colonial governor and mountaineer Symbol confirmed.svg

Haston, Duncan Curdy McSporran [Dougal] (1940–1977), mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg referencing and room for expansion

Thomas Hinchliff, (1825–1882), mountaineer and writer

John Atkinson Hobson, (1858–1940), social theorist and economist

Charles Hudson, (1828–1865), mountaineer Symbol confirmed.svg or Symbol possible vote.svg - more on pre-Matterhorn achievement wouldn't hurt

Hunt, (Henry Cecil) John, Baron Hunt (1910–1998), mountaineer

Margaret Anne Jackson [née Sanderson], (1843–1906), mountaineer

Owen Glynne Jones, (1867–1899), mountaineer Symbol confirmed.svg

Alexander Kellas (1868–1921), chemist and mountaineer

Kelly, (Martha) Emily [Pat] (1872/3–1922), mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg

Le Blond [née Hawkins-Whitshed], Elizabeth Alice Frances (1860–1934), mountaineer and photographer

Julius Lewkowitsch, (1857–1913), industrial chemist

Robert Wylie Lloyd, (1868–1958), collector and mountaineer

Tom George Longstaff, (1875–1964), mountaineer Symbol confirmed.svg

George Mallory, (1886–1924), mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg virtually unreferenced, plenty of OR and speculation

Kenneth Mason, (1887–1976), geographer and mountaineer Symbol confirmed.svg

Charles Edward Mathews, (1834–1905), mountaineer

Ralph Gordon Noel King Milbanke, , second earl of Lovelace (1839–1906), mountaineer

Adolphus Warburton Moore, (1841–1887), civil servant and mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg

Nea Everilda Morin [née Barnard], (1905–1986), rock climber and mountaineer

Albert Frederick Mummery, (1855–1895), political economist and mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg

Hugh Thomas Munro, Sir , of Lindertis, fourth baronet (1856–1919), mountaineer and landowner Symbol possible vote.svg

William Naismith (1856–1935), mountaineer Symbol delete vote.svg

John Noel (mountaineer), 1890–1989), mountaineer and photographer

Edward Felix Norton, (1884–1954), army officer and mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg

Noyce, (Cuthbert) Wilfrid Francis (1917–1962), mountaineer and writer Symbol confirmed.svg

Noel Odell, (1890–1987), geologist and mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg

Patey, Thomas Walton [Tom] (1932–1970), mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg references would help

Anna Pigeon, (1832–1917), mountaineer

Pugh, (Lewis) Griffith Cresswell Evans (1909–1994), physiologist and mountaineer

Harold Raeburn, (1865–1926), mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg needs wikifying and referencing

Dorothy Eleanor Richards [née Pilley], (1894–1986), mountaineer

Richardson, (Sarah) Katharine [Katy] (1854–1927), mountaineer

Al Rouse (1951–1986), mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg mostly about 1986 on K2, which deserves an article to itself

Hugh Ruttledge, (1884–1961), mountaineer Symbol confirmed.svg

Eric Shipton(1907–1977), explorer and mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg

Cortlandt James Woore Simpson, [Jim] (1911–2002), naval officer and Arctic explorer Symbol delete vote.svg

William Cecil Slingsby, (1849–1929), mountaineer Symbol confirmed.svg Bit short, but nothing wrong with it

Albert Richard Smith, (1816–1860), author, public lecturer, and mountaineer Symbol confirmed.svg

Francis Sydney Smythe, (1900–1949), mountaineer and author Symbol possible vote.svg rather disorganised, well earned cleanup tag

(Theodore) Howard Somervell, (1890–1975), medical missionary and mountaineer Symbol confirmed.svg

Freya Madeline Stark, Dame (1893?–1993), writer and traveller

Isabella Charlet-Straton, (Mary) (1838–1918), mountaineer Symbol delete vote.svg poor stub

Tenzing Norgay [known as Sherpa Tenzing] (1914–1986), mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg OK, but should be a FA

Dorothy Evelyn Thompson, (1888–1961), mountaineer

Harold William Tilman, (1898–1977x9), mountaineer and sailor Symbol possible vote.svg Why do people write timelines rather then sentences?

Tullis [née Palau], Julia Elissa May [Julie] (1939–1986), mountaineer and climbing instructor Symbol possible vote.svg

John Tyndall, (1820–1893), physicist and mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg Decent article, but only a short paragraph on mountaineering

Percy John Henry Unna, (1878–1950), mountaineer and conservationist

Lawrence Rickard Wager, [Bill] (1904–1965), geologist and explorer Symbol confirmed.svg

Lucy Walker, (1836–1916), mountaineer Symbol confirmed.svg to Symbol possible vote.svg - sure there's room for expansion

Walter Weston, (1860–1940), mountaineer and missionary Symbol possible vote.svg

Don Whillans, (1933–1985), mountaineer Symbol possible vote.svg another FA for someone who wants to grab it

Edward Whymper, (1840–1911), mountaineer and wood-engraver Symbol confirmed.svg

Wills, Sir Alfred (1828–1912), mountaineer and judge Symbol possible vote.svg not much about climbing

James Mann Wordie, Sir (1889–1962), polar explorer and scholar Symbol confirmed.svg

Geoffrey Winthrop Young, (1876–1958), mountaineer and educationist Symbol confirmed.svg