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Rubber Ninjas[edit]

Rubber Ninjas
Developer(s) Matteo Guarnieri
Designer(s) Matteo Guarnieri
Engine A custom ragdoll physics engine (based from Ragdoll Masters)
Platform(s) Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows

Mac OSX April 10 2009[1]

Microsoft Windows July 25 2009[1]
Genre(s) Fighting

Rubber Ninjas is a ragdoll fighting game. Its initial release was on April 10 2009 with its current version released on November 1st 2009.[1]


Rubber Ninjas is the spiritual successor to Ragdoll Masters, another ragdoll fighting game made by Ragdoll Software. Like Ragdoll Masters, you control a stickman whose body you guide around the environment using any part of you you choose to attack the enemy or enemies until they are defeated.

Unlike Ragdoll Masters however, Rubber Ninjas is presented in full 3D and characters can move up and down, left and right with the arrow keys. A new slow motion rotating camera is used at any point of impact and allows the action to move in the third dimension.

Rubber Ninjas introduces the use of weapons, from simple sticks to baseball bats, maces and nun-chucks. These weapons will be acquired and able to be used throughout each of the six campaigns, totaling over 50 levels where you will battle various enemies, sometimes numerous at a time. All fighters and weapons are able to be selected and used in 2-player Versus mode.


PC Gamer UK gave it a score of 57 saying "It's definitely fun to flail for a bit, but this feels like a webgame, not a full price release."[2]