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Iamcuriousblue is a sock puppet of this user. Iamcuriousblue contributes articles primarily about pornography and the sex industry, which the sock puppet master, who contributes under his real name, may not want linked back to him via search engines.

The sock puppet Iamcuriousblue has been created for purpose of segregation, a legitimate use of sock puppets according to Wikipedia policy. The sock puppet master hereby states that he will not use both his primary account and the sock puppet in any voting or consensus discussions.

Subjects of interest[edit]

The main subjects I contribute to (under this username) in Wikipedia are articles on pornography and sex work, subjects I also blog about elsewhere on the net. I consider myself quite knowledgeable about the subject of pornography, both in the sense of knowing my "porn trivia", as well as being well-versed on historical and academic treatments on the subject. Hence, I contribute to both articles on porn stars and to more sociological articles on the topic.

In the course of studying the subject, I've read quite quite extensively on the feminist sexuality debates, hence, I also contribute quite a bit to articles both on sex-positive feminism and on radical feminism, even in articles quite removed from the subject of porn or sex work. This, unfortunately, has not been without its share of strife, as I have noticed a great deal of POV pushing and conflicts of interest around a number of articles on individual feminists and feminist organizations, and have been involved in some often-contentious efforts to remedy this. In spite of the fact that I have some definite opinions on many of these topics, it is my goal on Wikipedia to maintain balanced articles on controversial topics concerning highly contentious areas of sexuality. I think in such articles it is important to fully describe the controversy, but at the same time, make sure the article doesn't "take sides" in that description.


The following articles are written entirely or mostly by Iamcuriousblue:

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