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Whitchurch Heritage Centre
Ian C Garner/sandbox/Training Space is located in Shropshire
Ian C Garner/sandbox/Training Space
Location within Shropshire
Established 1998; 19 years ago (1998)
Location  Shropshire
Coordinates 52°58′12″N 2°41′00″W / 52.9699°N 2.6833°W / 52.9699; -2.6833
Key holdings Randolph Caldecott, Edward German
Collections Local History
Curator Dr Judith Hoyle

Whitchurch Heritage Centre[edit]

Whitchurch Heritage Centre is a small museum in Whitchurch, North Shropshire .....


Whitchurch Heritage Centre[edit]

The Building[edit]


Sir Edward German[edit]

Randolph Caldecott[edit]

Joyce Clocks[edit]

William Joyce began making long case clocks in the North Shropshire village of Cockshutt. The family business was handed down from father to son and in 1790 moved to High Street, Whitchurch Shropshire.


Birmingham, Its people, Its History is a permanent exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and is also unofficially known as The Birmingham History Galleries. It opened to the public in October 2012 and is located on the third floor of the museum covering an area of 1,040 square metres. The exhibition is divided into five galleries which explore the story of Birmingham, England, and its people over a period of 900 years, from the 12th century to the present day. Over 1,500 objects are displayed from the museum’s designated collections, many of which can be seen on the museum's Flickr account. [1][notes 1]


The galleries are chronological in design, but within each section the history of Birmingham is explored thematically, thereby maximizing the use of space


Origins is the first gallery in the chronological sequence and although referred to as the medieval gallery, this section explores Birmingham’s history from the 12th century through to the end of the 17th century. A Palaeolithic handaxe, around 35,700 years old is also displayed here to emphasise how long people have been roaming through the area of what was to become Birmingham. The narrative of the gallery explores Birmingham’s success as a market town as a result of its lord of the manor purchasing a market charter in 1166, which secured its future as an important trading centre.

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10-5pm 10-5pm 11-8pm 12-6pm 10-1pm Weekends
Ian Fred Joe Alex Sue

Whitchurch Heritage Centre[notes 2] is a small museum in North Shropshire.

Whitchurch (Shropshire) Armistice Day Service at the Cenotaph - for my training course
This is my multiple image This is my multiple image


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