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Photography History[edit]

I have always love photography since when I was about 11 years old. It was only when I was in my mid-20s, I started to get serious with the lens by taking on some volunteering photography projects. My first photography project was a brief stint with the Austin Habitat for Humanity based in Austin, Texas. My assignment was to photo shoot the housing projects along Vargas road in which, most of the pictures I took were to be used for a slide presentation by the non-profit organization. I do not have a particular subject for photography at the moment as I'm still in the process of building my portfolio. I'm currently taking pictures of dogs and cats to be put on the web for a humane society in Kansas City as an animal digital photographer and you can see some of my pictures of animals at under Kansas City wayside waifs. I'm using Sony Cypershot F717 for digital and Nikon N-75 for manual. For software editing, Adobe is the weapon of choice for a long time but I rarely used it unless I have to.


Red Ballon To Do 2005 at Olive Gallery Lawrence, Kansas


"Colors of New Orleans" 2005 photo by Ian Ang in International Library of photography book "Endless Journey" (ISBN:0-7951-5247-7)

List of Pictures to take for wikipedia 2006[edit]

  • weeping jesus
  • excited pug picture
  • westport
  • N-ten conference
  • 1989 Honda Civic SI Hatchback and article
  • Precious moment chapel
  • Pet expo Kansas City
  • various chinese food/polish food
  • America Jazz Museum and Parker's statue
  • selected NBA/International basketball play
  • garmin company
  • more....