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This user is human and is not a bot. I am a student currently in graduate school in seminary. I believe that many editors on Wiki think they are neutral when they are not and I am against the modern concept that the default position of neutrality is a secular post-enlightment worldview. I believe neutrality in many subjects is an illusion. Of course there are some topics which merely state historical or mathematical facts, however hundreds of subjects do not require neutrality as much as they requrie a fair presentation of both viewpoints. However I have learned that often only one view point is allowed while others are treated with skepticism and hostility. I do not claim to be neutral, I am human, not one of the bots. However I try my best to present good citations as I work to contribute to wiki and to balance articles that to me seem to not represnt the fuller reality.

I do admit I am not a wiki-ite as I believe it can be as harmful as beneficial. Any work i do is not to please the editors or become part of the elite. I contribute for the sake of the youth and the future generations who will look to Wiki to learn about the world they live in, and thus i try hard to give them the fuller picture so that they do not think that the world is the way the wiki elite often present it: A purely secular, rationalistic, non-religious, impassionate, world. More than half the world is not secular, still highly religious, doesn't full-heartedly embrace rationalism, and are passionate about life and reality. This viewpoint must be seen and heard.