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Ich was born in Pennsylvania during the Reagan administration; after a five-year layover working in New York, he lives and works in Berlin. He has been using Linux since 2004. Most of his edits have to do with German subjects, in particular relating to music from the 1960s onward. He is too lazy to put anything else that is terribly interesting here; he chose the username "Ich" because it was available.

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Gzuckier saw fit to give me this for adding {{spoiler}} to Genesis.
For having really sweet hair. Dylan 03:16, 1 January 2007 (UTC)

"Third Reich" vs. "Nazi Germany"[edit]

Whenever I find the term "Third Reich" being used in an article to refer to Nazi Germany, I usually change it to "Nazi Germany" or "the Nazi era", which is clearer and has less ideological baggage. The term "Third Reich" was used in Nazi propaganda to legitimize their government as a successor to the retroactively-renamed "First Reich" (Holy Roman Empire) and "Second Reich" (German Empire). In light of this history, it should not be used uncritically. The term "de:Drittes Reich" fell out of favor among German academics beginning in the 1980s, and by the 1990s, was largely supplanted by "Nazi-Zeit" or "NS-Zeit" in German newspapers and popular usage. I can't stop people from naming their books "Fighter Pilots of the Third Reich" or "History of the Third Reich" but I am trying to do what I can about Wikipedia. If you consider the terms interchangeable, then these changes should be uncontroversial and merely me wasting my own time.


Some pages I created or substantially improved. Much of the work I've done has been translating pages from German, with a particular focus on German music and breweries.

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