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Ichigo69 (一語69) currently lives in Elvis-town (AKA Memphis, TN, USA). He is currently posing as an Electrical Engineer until his application for admission to the Time-Space Administration Bureau in Mid-Childa gets accepted. He currently edits and QC's anime for: Ayako, m.3.3.w, Menclave, Sakura-Sanctuary, and WinD fansub groups. He also TLC/Proofreads manga for the Kotonoha and Oishii-Manga scanlation groups. Ichigo69 is permanently on IRC in both Rizon and IRCHighway so you can usually find him there. If by some chance he's away from his 'pewter, just PM him and he might or might not get back with you - depending on the phase of the moon at the time or whether or not Ryuuguu Rena took him home last night.

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Born( 9999 -06-09)9 June 9999 invalid year
Memphis, TN, USA
ResidenceRizon or IRCHighway on IRC
OccupationElectrical Engineer
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ase-2This user can communicate at an intermediate level in American Sign Language.
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Tempus SpatiumThis user worships Tempus Spatium or wishes to become a Simoun pilot.

Code GeassThis user supports the rebellion.

Gnome-mime-text-x-authors.pngThis user was a Cardcaptor, but got their butt kicked by Yue during the Final Judgment.

なのThis user is a mage in the TSAB who is currently recovering from injuries inflicted by his/her instructor.

マリア様がみてるMaria watches over this user.

NERVThis user is a member of NERV.

Saturn symbol.svgThis user is fascinated with Hotaru Tomoe.

Wooden Starfish This user has become a "Fuko Master"!

This user lives in the village of Hinamizawa.

カノンThis user has been waiting in the snow for seven years. Ugū!

ツバサThis user is constantly looking out for Princess Sakura's memories.

Muahaha!This user is evil, and frequently says Muahaha!