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I'm a computer programmer with a degree in electrical engineering. Currently I program financial derivative software, and play a bunch of computer games. I think I can basically build a computer from transistors, to VLSI, to OS. It wouldn't be very good of course. I do a lot of reading, and now I'm contributing to Wikipedia because I believe in the goal of making the sum of human knowledge available for free to everyone in the world.

I'm a believer in the process of wikipedia: be bold, then talk it out, assume good faith, etc. I spend most of my time on talk pages at the moment, though. If I have been anything less than courteous, please drop me a line on my talk page and we'll figure out where the disagreement is.

One thing I take pride in, somehow, is that you can convince me that I am wrong. Try talking to me and you may actually succeed, I promise. It might not take much effort at all on your part.

Gas Pipelines[edit]

I have been building up a collection of articles about natural gas for either wikipedia or wikibooks. (not sure which is more appropriate at the moment so I am doing it here) It can be found at User:Ignignot/Natural_Gas_Pipeline_Companies

I've move that data now to Category:Natural Gas Pipelines, which is full of stubs but at least it has something there now. I hope to fill all the stubs with maps of the pipelines, which would be extremely useful. After doing that, it should be possible to make a parent article on the entire natural gas system of north america, which could be solid. --17:49, 19 December 2005 (UTC)