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Gigantic on 'Net, bigger in person
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Name IlGreven
Born October 8, 1979
Findlay, Ohio, USA
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Aliases Grev, Jax, That Big Fat Smelly Guy Over There, The Defendant
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About Me[edit]

I became a member in late April, 2005 after using its contents for a few years, and after attempting a few small edits for a few months. I'm a video game-playin', Mountain Dew-drinkin', internet-surfin', card-playin', fool.


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Things to remember about Wikipedia[edit]

Wikipedia is timeless. "At this time", "Currently", and "Soon" have no meaning in Wikipedia. Something that was "At this time" in 2005 isn't anymore. Use "As of the current month and year" instead; it imprints the timeframe you're trying to convey. Or better yet, do not use time-sensitive information if you don't have to.