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Wikipedia Projects and Groups[edit]

Wikipedia for Educators at Fordham University[edit]

I organize the Wikipedia for Educators at Fordham University. This group is open to faculty, staff, students, and New Yorkers. Wikipedia for Educators at Fordham supports and promotes the use of Wikipedia in the classroom, organizes edit-a-thons on campus and promotes Wikipedia events in the community. Our goals are:

  • to learn about how educators can use Wikipedia
  • to help to organize and/or promote Wikipedia events
  • to organize and/or promote edit-a-thons on campus

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Wikimedia NYC[edit]

I joined the Wikimedia NYC chapter in the fall of 2018, attend monthly meetings, help to promote Wikipedia events in the community, and participate on the community engagement committee.

Wikipedia Events[edit]

The Wikipedia community is very welcoming, in person meetings and events are always a lot of fun and I encourage everyone to participate. These are the conferences and events that I've been able to attend so far, I'm looking forward to future events.

A little about me[edit]

  • I am new to editing Wikipedia, but my interests include the following topics: technology, education, science, math, sharks, futurism.
  • I chose my username because I LOVE math, and my favorite Math Holiday is PiDay! Find out more on my PiDay page!
  • Senior Instructional Technologist, Fordham University and former HS Math Teacher.
  • My life has been devoted to learning and teaching. I believe teaching is about inspiring others and encouraging a natural sense of curiosity. I believe that education is about more than just preparing students for the workforce, educators share the simple yet sacred joy of learning. To me, technology is about possibilities. I explore how technology can be used not just to augment what is already possible, but how to go beyond and transform our lives.
  • I have published my first book: The EdTech Bible. The EdTech Bible is the book about technology that I wish I had when I began my career in the classroom and is structured as a multi-media ebook and includes images, video, and links.

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