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This user thinks that the Chinese characters' beauties are ruined by simplifying them.
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I am I-Lun Tseng (Chinese: 曾奕倫), a former Ph.D. student in the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at The University of Queensland. I am the maintainer of the OwlVision GDSII Viewer.

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Educational Background[edit]

IEEE This user is a member of the IEEE.
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PhD This user has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Electrical Engineering.
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MS This user has a Master of Science degree in Computer Science.
Mortarboard.jpg This user graduated from the National Tsing Hua University.
BS This user has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.
Mortarboard.jpg This user graduated from the Yuan Ze University.

Professional Skills[edit]

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Desperate Housewives
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Mr. Bean.