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Tallinn 21. School article[edit]

Tallinn School No. 21
Tallinna 21. Kool
Tallinn, koolihoone Raua 6, 1923 (1)
The main building of the Tallinn School No. 21
Raua 6
Tallinn, Harjumaa
Type Public
Founded 1903
Opened 1903
Principal Naida Toomingas
Grades 1–12

The Tallinn School No. 21 is a secondary school in Tallinn, Estonia.



1903-School founded as the Tallinn No. 2 kroonualgkool,on Poska street 6(former Liiva street).

1917-School renamed as Tallinn Primary school No. 21.

1923/24-The new schoolhouse is built on Raua street 6,architect Artur Perna.


1940-21 June 1940 the Estonian Defence Forces show last resistance to the Soviet forces.

1958-School opens a music special class.

1961-School's first traditional spring concert. School opens art and English special class.

1962-School renamed as N.Gogol school.

1987-School gets flag, commemorative medal and medal of Merit.

1988-School renamed Tallinn School No. 21

1991-School gets end ring.

2001-Renovation of school starts.

2003-Renovation of school ends. School is 100 years old. Jubilee-book "100 years of schoolbell". School gets symbolized diary and notebook.

2004-School gets symbolized studentbook.

2005-School is awarded "School with great recreation"

2006-Total transition to E-School

2007-Afterschool starts

2008-School is 105 years old. School gets CD and almanac.

2009-School gets uniform(schoolvest)

2010-50th spring concert.

2013-School is 100 years old.