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Aggregation of Edits[edit]

Welcome to my user page. Although I have been a Wikipedia devotee for a while now, I recently made a commitment to get off my duff and start editing pages. I chose to register so I can track my edits and build a history as a participant in this amazing experiment. I am going to start by mostly just cleaning pages for typos and style as I read them for reference or pleasure. I hope to eventually move on to adding citations and help improve the informational quality of pages. I also would like to eventually work on adding pages on some of the topics about which I have some knowledge, particularly computational linguistics.

A Little About The User Name[edit]

I have lots of other interests and hobbies, but the most important to me is what I call imaginary cartography. I draw maps of places that don't exist, but could. Unlike most people engaged in similar endeavors my maps are not based on science fiction or fantasy literature and I attempt to be realistic, both culturally and geographically.


My personal website is here.