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About Me[edit]

Real name: Michael Shea

Areas of interest or expertise:

  • Germany/German
    • /Bavaria/Oberbayern
    • /Baden-Württemberg/Rhein-Neckar
  • Japan/Japanese/Hokkaido
  • California
  • Technical Writing
  • Telecommunication/DSL
  • SAP/Security/Identity Management
  • History
  • Gaming/RPGs/Miniatures/Card/Boardgames

I sometimes use a German account to link between the English and German Wikipedias, though I usually use this one. To see the German account information, Click Deutsch in the navigation frame under in other languages.

More later.

My to do list[edit]

OK, well I do have a to do list, but I seem to jump around a bit. Things I tend to work on are mountains and islands in Japan, particularly in Hokkaido. I also do towns in Hokkaido. I experimented with doing some of the governors. At the moment I am working on former duchies in Bavaria; Teilherzogtumer. Soon I want to work on the Kurpfalz. I hit related personages when I can, too.

International Travels[edit]

Spent years: Flag of the United States.svg Flag of Japan.svg Flag of Germany.svg
Months to Days: Flag of Canada.svg Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of the Netherlands.svg Flag of South Korea.svg Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of Iceland.svg Flag of Sweden.svg Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Flag of Mexico.svg Flag of Belgium.svg Flag of Luxembourg.svg Flag of Hong Kong (1959-1997).svg Flag of Switzerland.svg Flag of Austria.svg Flag of Ireland.svgFlag of Denmark.svg
Hours: Flag of Italy.svg Flag of East Germany.svg Flag of Poland.svg
To go some day: Flag of Norway.svg Flag of Bulgaria.svg Flag of Hungary.svg Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Flag of Liechtenstein.svg Flag of New Zealand.svg Flag of Australia.svg Flag of Finland.svg Flag of Lithuania.svg Flag of Estonia.svg Flag of Latvia.svg
Idea and layout stolen from User:Calton

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