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Ellen Terry

Ellen Terry
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I'm from Lititz, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I attended Warwick High School from 2000-2004. I'm half Swedish and half Irish. I'm currently attending Penn State for Astronomy/Astrophysics

I have a ton of userboxes that define who I am much better. Go to my userboxes page to find out more about me.


My number one interest is and always will be astronomy. It is probably the single most fascinating subject. I love philosophy and usually regard myself as a philosophical scientist. Out side of that, I enjoy physics and mathematics, and most sciences; I tend to shy away from biology and the related, it's far too contrived for me!

My other passion (if you can call it that) is history. If it weren't for astronomy I'd be a historian. World war 2 history is #1 then archaeoastronomy/the history of astronomy is my second, mainly European Renaissance.

I am a secular humanist who believes quite heavily in the First Amendment and the freedom of speech. You should all see Fuck.

Breaking news![edit]

I've converted to Pastafarianism! (Mainly because I love spaghetti, and fake gods, so why not a spaghetti based fake god?

Hm... I love books, Tolkienian mostly, i.e. Robert Jordan's The Wheel Of Time.

I've recently discovered that I'm terrified of Spiders, Clowns, Spider monkeys (because I'm convinced they're a spider hybrid) and clown spiders aka green jumping spiders (which I'm also convinced are hybrids of spiders and clowns).


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