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Margret Heater
Origin Baltimore Maryland, USA
Genres Metal/Rock
Years active 1997 - 2003
Labels eyeless kitty records
Fowl Records
Associated acts Phantom Communique
Bleed the Dream
Dog Fashion Disco
Polkadot Cadaver
Jimmie's Chicken Shack
Members Brandon Fogle
Steve Baucom
Jasan Stepp
Greg Plummer

Margret Heater was a Baltimore, Maryland rock and metal band from 1997-2003.


Margret Heater formed in 1997 Fayetteville, North Carolina and later relocated to Baltimore, Maryland.[1] in The group had experimented with many styles in the metal and heavy metal genre. In 2000, the band toured both the East and West Coasts extensively without major label support, all financed by the band. Included on this tour were fellow East Coast musicians, Jepetto. The band had also performed with major label acts such as Green Day, Snapcase, Suicide Machines, Papa Roach, Sev, Good Charlotte, 6 Gig, Liquid Gang, and Nothingface.

Margret Heater in 1997 with lead singer Duke Aipa and Steve Baucom as drummer

Drummer Steve Baucom and guitarist Jasan Stepp met while paratroopers in the military. They discussed forming a band, taking the name Margret Heater from a character in a story written years before. They soon recruited lead singer Duke Aipa to be their frontman.

Although not a member of the earliest incarnation of Margret Heater, Greg Plummer had played in a high school band called Uncle Lumpy with Stepp. Uncle Lumpy released one recording, an album called "Chicken A La King." Plummer was at Franklin Pierce college playing in a band called Down Funk Boulevard when he was asked to join Margret Heater. A few years later the band swapped singers of another Baltimore band "20 on the Hype" to get Brandon Fogle as their new frontman.

Margret Heater circa 1999 with members Brandon, Greg, Jasan, and Steve

During a visit to Maine, Marget Heater filmed a video for the first single off the Frankenrecord album entitled "Apollo Conspiracy". A history buff, bassist Greg Plummer has jokingly commented that he believes in the conspiracy that man never stepped on the moon in 1969. The video was directed by art barn animation's Dan Edwards and featured his animated character Manuel Override. Edwards, Plummer and Stepp are all high school friends.

Members of Margret Heater in 2002, photo by Veener.

Shortly after filming the video, Steve and the rest of the band parted ways. Drummer Alex Crowley, formerly of Downpour, joined to keep their legacy in tact. While with the band, Alex and the others graced the cover of Unsung Hero for their last in print publication (see image above).

Later in the year, during a show at Washington D.C.'s 9:30 Club, Alex fell off the drum riser and broke his right arm. Coincidently, Mike Sipple, formerly the drummer of Jimmie's Chicken Shack, was his roommate, stepped in and later replaced Alex full time.

In the summer of 2002, the band traveled to Maine again as cast members for Edwards' movie Kiwahkwe: Curse of the Lobster. Greg, Brandon, and Jasan all play characters of the same name from a band of the same name and all suffer horrific deaths at the claws of a giant lobster. Margret Heater also is featured on the movie's soundtrack. The tracks performed in the movie are "Double Rock Park", "Victory Garden", and the soundtrack will feature the never before released "Say What You Want"[2]. The film, which was created entirely with an independent crew and no budget is still being completed.

The band broke up after their final show on New Years Eve 2002. Their final show was performed at Fletchers Bar, in Baltimore, amongst their friends and family.They brought in the year 2003, not knowing this would be the end of an era to themselves and their fans. Brandon moved to California three months later to join fellow a Baltimore band member from ".click." friend Keith Thompson in, Bleed the Dream. At the same time, Jasan stayed in Baltimore and joined Dog Fashion Disco. Greg moved back home to Maine. Mike retired from the music business. Alex moved on to Annapolis, Maryland band Vote Quimby.

In 2006, Greg and Alex both appeared in the Vote Quimby video ""SciFI Nerd"", again for director Dan Edwards. Jasan and Brandon can now be both found in Phantom Communique. Jasan also has a side project called Polkadot Cadaver.

Noted Performances[edit]


  • Steve Baucom - Drums, Percussion (member: 1997-2001)
  • Duke Aipa - Vocals (member: 1997-1998)
  • Brandon Fogle - Vocals (member: 1998-2003) aka Brandon Thomas, recently in Bleed the Dream
  • Jasan Stepp - Guitar, Cello, Vocals (member: 1997-2003), currently in Dog Fashion Disco
  • Greg Plummer - Bass Guitar, Screams (member: 1997-2003)
  • Alex Crowley - Drums, Percussion (member: 2001-2002)
  • Mike Sipple - Drums, Percussion (member: 2002-2003), formerly of Jimmie's Chicken Shack


Other Influences[edit]

Tool, Deftones, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Death Metal

Record Lables[edit]



  • The Blue Album
  • Destiny - Dave Bilbrough produced re-mixes and Techno/House versions of Margret Heater's album "Manifest". The album Destiny includes 70 minutes of high energy, and experimental sounds.
  • The Frankenrecord


  • Pre-Manifest
  • Manifest-Destiny Sampler
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken Album
  • Live and Raw Mix
  • 2002 Sampler, Pre-Frankenrecord release


  • Voted 'Best Rhythm Section' / Music Monthly Magazine
  • Honorable mentions: 'Best Metal' and 'Best Hardcore' / Music Monthly Magazine
  • Top 5 in's sales charts for four straight months

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