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This user is a mathematician.

This user understands Physics at an advanced level.

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I am fairly new to Wikipedia. I am not very good at the Wiki markup language and I am still grappling with its citation system, so feel very free to improve/rewrite my articles. For now, I mostly write the first draft of articles in LateX (with citations) and then convert to Wiki markup, before doing the finishing touches.

I have knowledge of applied mathematics at a research level, particular in applied probability and point processes in recent years. I studied physics (with a focus on solid state physics) and electronics, though my memory of such subjects is fleeting. I am probably stronger in the history of these subjects than the actual subjects.

I have an interest in word origins (or etymology) and history of languages. To varying degrees, I speak French and Spanish, and I'm now learning German. In recent years I've developed an interest for economics and finance.

I have seen way too many films in my life.

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