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I have left Wikipedia. I do not see it as acceptable to have advertisements, whether they be for brand identity or for a product, on Wikipedia. It appears that this line has [1]been breached, and those involved, including several on the foundation board and employees, many of whom I respect, see things differently. I understand their position, but cannot accept it as the future of a project that I will continue to contribute my time to. Do not leave notes on my talk page. Email me if you want to keep in touch.

(I am not back, but apparently the mailing list software renumbered those messages some months after I left, and I sometimes get questions about this and prefer to just point them at my userpage, so I'm correcting them below and adding some context...)

There were also two other Wikipedia concerns and one private concern I had at the time that made it easier to walk away even if they alone would not lead me to leave, one of which related to User:Eloquence, the second to the reaction to my attempts to remove some types of fancruft (about brands of cookies!) and issues of internal governance relating to that, and the third relating to continuing difficulties in my personal life making it draining for me to keep the standards of behaviour I think people should strive for in intellectual/social discourse.


I hereby release all my text contributions to Wikipedia under this and my prior account into the public domain. Alternative-to-given licenses for images I contributed may be available by request (as well as larger versions), but I do not check the talk page of this account, so please contact me through other means.


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