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A list of 'science memes' from which as of 2014-05 do not have Wikipedia articles for them:


  1. CuGeO3, the first inorganic spin-Peierls material
  2. Sr2RuO4 (aka strontium ruthenate?), see
  3. CeCoIn5 -- cerium-cobalt-indium5, superconductor -- see -- see also Heavy-fermion superconductivity?
  4. TiOCl -- (titanium oxychloride?? surely that's TiOCl2?) -- related: "low-dimensional Mott-Hubbard insulators"
  5. NaxCoO2 -- Sodium cobalt oxide, "has remarkable transport properties" -- see
  6. BaFe2As2 "BaFe2As2, the parent compound of the FeAs based superconductors" -- see
  7. PrOs4Sb12 -- "recently discovered heavy fermion superconductor PrOs4Sb12", see -- Heavy-fermion superconductivity again?


  1. light-induced drift
  2. proton-proton bremsstrahlung -- see

Other / not sure

  1. strange nonchaotic attractor
  2. antisymmetrized molecular dynamics -- see
  3. radiative muon capture
  4. relaxor -- according to Wiktionary, "a ferroelectric material that exhibits high electrostriction"
  5. Schwinger multichannel method -- according to , "a modification of Julian Schwinger's original variational method for scattering problems"