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I guess I should put some info here.

By the way, my 'nick' doesn't mean what you probably think it means. If you want to address me by my real name, you can call me Ian.


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  • Unix and Linux: I've been using Linux as my sole workstation and server OS since early 1996. I administer my family's small network with several Linux servers and Windows desktops.
  • Computer graphics: I'm interested in Ray tracing mostly, the more realistic the better. I've used Greg J. Ward's Radiance package for many years now. I especially don't like scan-line renderers like REYES.
  • Photography: This originally overlapped with CG in some ways. I have an old 1.3MP digital camera (Kodak DC240) and two manual 35mm cameras (Ricoh KR-5 super II and XR-20sp) I bought off eBay. I have a Zenitar fisheye lens and a few other lenses, including some old M42 lenses that I can use with an adaptor. I also have an old Soligor spot meter and a bulk film loader. I got into developing B&W film last year but haven't done any in a while. In early 2008 I got a medium format Pentacon Six camera and it's been keeping me occupied.
  • Programming: I mainly program in C/C++ and Perl nowadays. In my younger years I started on BASIC and Logo. I started using Turbo Pascal around year 10 in high school. I also started using Turbo C++ in (IIRC) year 11 or 12, but didn't get very far with it. I learnt C and C++ properly in University and it was around that time that I found DJGPP, a port of the GNU tools to DOS. I was also pretty good with x86 assembly in Uni, and the MIPS-like architecture described by Patterson and Hennessy. I guess I know a fair bit about the inner workings of CPU's.


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