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MunsterLeinster Inchiquin ConnachtUlster[edit]

Good day, random visitor. Like some primitive man I do not reveal my true name, at least when online, but here I call myself Inchiquin. My background is in history though I have an interest in a variety of subjects, including:

  • The Crisis of the 17th Century
  • History of Science and Technology 1500-1650
  • I have a side interest in issues related to the sharemarket

I have a particular interest in the history of the 16th & 17th Century.

History Articles[edit]

Battle of Arklow (1649)

Sack of Cashel

Siege of Charlemont

Charles Coote

Dublin Gunpowder Disaster of 1597

Battle of Lisnagarvey

Battle of Meelick Island

Nicholas Plunkett

Portadown Massacre

Battle of Saintfield

'Shifting Allegiances' -appendix to Irish Confederate Wars article

Battle of Tecroghan

Works in Progress[edit]

James Tuchet, 3rd Earl of Castlehaven, Clanricarde, Battle of Ballynahinch

Ideas Dumping Ground[edit]

In the near future I hope to write more articles on the Confederation of Kilkenny and the series of conflicts in Ireland between 1641-1653.

Global food prices:

the Reformation in Ireland; the Revolt of Silken Thomas, the Battle of Kilamock (1569); Billy Fraser; Ford of Heroes (1597);

The Following Battles of the Confederate War period warrant articles:

Charles Coote the Elder

Nicholas Malby

William Parsons & John Borlase

Patrick Archer

The siege of Arras

The Irish Confederate Civil War (1648-49)

The Siege of Arras (1640), The battle of Swords, The battle of Clones, The battle of Portlester ,The battle of Rathconnel, The Siege of New Ross (1643),The Sack of Cashel, The Siege of Kilkenny (1650), The battle of Funcheon Ford (1643), Siege of Athlone (1650), Siege of Cork (1642) Raid of Ross (1652),

Quoted in Meehan, Confederation of Kilkenny, pg 227: 'And such was the termination of this massacre, of this most unparalleled and abomniable atrocity, in which 812 Catholics were slain... Old men whose only weapon was the rosary were slain before the altars along with children and women...' This is from the Rinuccini Papers