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Jain History[edit]

  • THE CHALUKYAN MAGNIFICENCE - The Chalukyan rulers were great patrons of art. The magnificently carved sculptures in the temples and temple complexes built by them are splendid examples of their artistic skills. M S Dwarakinath familiarises us with the wealth of temple architecture left behind by the Chalukyas of Kalyana.
  • Arittapatti inscription throws light on Jainism - MADURAI SEPT.14. A rare 3rd century B.C. Tamil Brahmi inscription found near Madurai recently has brought to light the fact that not only Pandyas and Cheras but the chiefs of the coastal region in the State also patronised Jainism in the early period.

  • Links between IVC and Jainism
Tuesday, Jan 03, 2006
Archaeologist Iravatha Mahadevan referred to the oldest Jain inscription found in Tamil Nadu and said Jain inscriptions found inside caves that are natural formations are plain and not decorated such as the inscriptions of the Pallava period. The oldest inscription found at Mangola near Madurai belonged to the 200 BC. He expressed concern over the state of many inscriptions. He urged the scholars to educate the people about the importance of these inscriptions. About the contribution of Jainism to Tamil literature, he said many Tamil works were influenced by Jain literature and great Jain munis. He indicated the possibilities of inscription found at Shravanabelagola having a link with the Indus Valley civilisation. The "swastika" symbol found at Shravanabelagola are similar to the symbol found at Indus Valley civilisation, he said.

  • Jain Ramayana older to Hindu Ramayana - Just before Saint Valmiki wrote his Ramayana, or contemporaneously, there were other works written by Buddhist scholars on a legendary hero called Rama. Likewise, there were stories of Rama written by Jain scholars belonging to the two schools of the Jain religion. Since neither Buddhism nor Jainism recognise God, the hero of these accounts is a human endowed with noble qualities. Rajaji (C R Rajagopalachari), a devout Hindu, also describes Rama as the Emperor’s son (Chakravarthi Thirumagan).


  • Jain community most media-savvy than others
Tuesday - Oct 16, 2007 Correspondent | New Delhi
Hindus are slightly more exposed to the media than Muslims in India, but the Jain community, both men and women, is far ahead as far as reading newspapers or magazines is concerned. According to the findings of the latest National Family Health Survey III, 76% Jain women read newspapers or magazines at least once a week as against 40% of Christian, 33% of Sikh, 30% of Buddhist, 23% of Hindu or 18% of Muslim women..........

  • Rethinking animal activism in an urban context
If there's one case study that appears to defy outright modern categories of animal "rights" and "welfare", it is the charity Jain Bird Hospital nestled in the brick red compound of the Digambar Jain temple in Chandni Chowk. Its establishment itself is borne out of a particular religious worldview. It features prominently on several tourist websites and is famous as the only veterinary service catering specifically to the avian species......
The Jain Bird Hospital was established in 1929 by the Prachin Sri Aggarwal. Digambar Jain Panchayat Trust committee, and currently houses about 4,500 patients in its cages. All treatment is provided free of cost, though donations are welcome. The hospital receives no financial aid from the government, in fact - it avails of no government schemes, all expenses being met by funds from the committee board. The infrastructure at JBH is quite impressive. In addition to the mostly clean and well-maintained wards, the three-storey building also houses a research lab and an ICU. The team is led by the veterinary surgeon, Dr. Vijay Kumar, who has been with the hospital for 10 years, includes two compounders, one supervisor and six ward boys....

  • Census of Jains, Decline in growth rate: It is surprising to note that the growth rate of the Jains sharply declined to just 4.1 per cent during the 1981-91 decade compared to that of 23.7 per cent during 1971-81 and of 25.9 per cent during the 1991-01 decade. It is necessary to understand the factors responsible for the sudden decline in Jains’ growth rate during 1981-91. State-level temporal data on population of Jains indicate an absolute decline in their numbers in Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Bihar and West Bengal between 1981 and 1991. Emigration and immigration do not seem to be responsible for the observed pattern. The possible reason could be that many of the Jains were classified in the 1991 census as Hindus, probably because the enumerator did not ask the question on religion specifically from all respondents and wrote Hindu as his/her religion, or the respondent mentioned Hindu as his/her religion. The high growth rate of Jains for 1991-01 period is because of low base in 1991.
  • Jainism got two lakh converts in 6 yrs, quietly Syed Khalique Ahmed : CHHOTAUDEPUR (VADODARA DIST), MARCH 7: Forget the conversions to Christianity. Forget, also, the re-conversions by the champions of Hindutva. It is Jainism which is fast growing into a major religion among Adivasis of the Vadodara and Panchmahals districts of Gujarat, thanks to vigorous campaign by a number of Jain organisations, all belonging to the Shwetamber sect.