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I'm back (well, sort of, I was never really here), and for my first trick, I'll be revamping and renovating the LG Ally article. Anyone who wants to help can (this is a free encyclopedia after all!), or you can rant and rage discuss my doings on my talk page.


Obviously, that's not my name. My interests are varied, ranging from science and meteorology to technology to music, and I try to edit every now and then on Wikipedia.

I'm a teenager, and the main reason I joined Wikipedia was because I felt that I had something to offer to the world community at large. Please don't view me as a stereotypical teenager; doing so will make me quite cross. I'm not a happy fellow when I'm angry.

I also have a userpage on Uncyclopedia, and I'm a frequent tweeter on Twitter. Both that and my email address are somewhere. If you need anything else for whatever reason, either message me or email me. Actually, I forget where I was going with this...

Any who, there's coffee and doughnuts in the break room, so why not go take a look?