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Developer(s) Alejandro Gonzalez and Miguel Herrero Obeso
Publisher(s) Milkstone Studios
Platform(s) Xbox 360 (Xbox Live)
Release December 14, 2012
Genre(s) Horror
Mode(s) offline single player, online multiplayer

White Noise: A Tale of Horror is an Xbox live indie game that has game elements similar to the PC game Slender: The Eight Pages. White Noise was created by Milkstone Studios in 2012 and has gained popularity[citation needed] within the indie gaming community. An online version of the game was released on the February 22, 2013, featuring the same play style but new skills and two new maps as well as a new hazard: the "Green Shrine", proximity to which causes the player to lose sanity.


White Noise takes place in a rural area of France where two paranormal specialists attempt to gather audio recording of a haunting. As the crew sets up their recording equipment, one of them goes missing, forcing the game player (acting as the other hunter) to go look for him. The objective is to figure out what happened to your partner by collecting eight audio tapes (analogous to the "eight pages" of the Slender game). The game's antagonist, a tall, unnamed, semi-demonic creature (analogous to Slenderman of the Slender game) begins to antagonize and attack the player as soon as the first tape is found, increasing the level of attack as each subsequent tape is found. If the player collects a certain amount of audio tapes at the end of the game they can gain access to some helpful power-ups such as night vision and lithium batteries to increase flashlight life. If the player manages to collect all eight audio tapes without getting caught by the game's antagonist, the music will stop playing and the character will be in complete darkness then it will begin to see the world in a dark red tint along with the player's character looking at their arms indicating that they are the monster the screen will fade to black along with text saying "An Ancient Evil has Awaken from it's Slumber..."


The Multiplayer was suppose to be on the orginial game of White Noise:a Tale of Horror However, A new game called White noise: Online was released on March 4th, 2013 it was introduced as a separate game in the indie channel, white noise:online still supports online multiplayer and offline single player instead of being updated into the orginial game.

Unlike the Previous Offline Title , the multiplayer Title offers the same gameplay but it comes with three different maps and an enhanced set of skills and hinderances. However on March 21st, 2013 a new level along with some gameplay changes have slightly boosted the game's ability to be better then Slenderman in terms of gameplay and innovation rather then by fear.


A review of white noise: a tale of horror was made on January 14th, 2013 the review was given a score of "9.5/10" while the community rated the review as "7.3/10". The editor of the review was excited yet retain some professionalism in saying "White Noise: A Tale of Horror, is a $1 dollar experience that I would gladly pay more for." Another part in the review the editor says its a shameless rip-off, but it takes Slender's successes and builds on them. The editor later begins describing the game enviroment as "only viewable with the use of a flashlight, is full of landmarks that house clues. Graveyards, a bus stop, and other landmarks (which are creepy enough to not spoil here) are spread around an environment which is large and disorienting enough to seem to change every time you play (I can never tell). The engine itself is pretty nice, and a small stream running through the space is a nice touch" despite all of this he also says that the game's antagonist in white noise is more frieghtning then a stiff faceless guy in a suit. Finally the editor finishs his review by stating "I love being afraid, and I hate that scares are hard to come by in gaming nowadays, but White Noise is a cheap, yet effective fix"[1]


  • Alejandro Gonzalez Fiel- Developer and Webmaster
  • Miguel Herrero Obeso- Developer, Musician, Graphic Design
  • Santiago Orozco Franco- 2D Artist and 3D modeller
  • Kilian Perez Gonzalez- System Adminstration
  • Rodrigo Garcia Suarez- Game Design and ideas, Beta-Testing

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