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The space station Inebriation orbiting the Sarin system is the center of almost all communication, travel, and commerce(most popularly in psychoactive substances) in and around the Sarin system. It is home to over one hundred thousand separate organisms, representing almost twelve hundred distinct species, originating from solar systems all over the galaxy. Inebriation station is a pacifistic society and is not equipped with weapons of any kind and fervently bans any and all devices designed for violence within the station. Acts of violence are prohibited in the station and any violators will be warned, confined, and/or deported if necessary.

(On a side note: It is the majority opinion of the residents of this station that no person should ever visit the url under any circumstances, on the basis that it is utterly offensive purposeless and a general waste of whatever resources were defiled in its creation.)

More insight into our organization and its various concerns:[edit]

Urban youths are stereotypically depicted smoking blunts, although its unclear if blunt smoking is more common in urban settings or not.

"Why, yes, I do speak fluent Navajo."

Occasionally, a crew may refer to a gang, especially if involved in some illicit activity.(down with the CIC)(down with the PBCG)

Aural Pleasure:[edit]

mogwai stereolab wipEout RAWG fsol the sea and cake

Quotable inebriation:[edit]

"so i tried to make myself less sheisty looking, which is when i realised: im just a naturally sheisty looking motherfucker"

"the weakness never ends"