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About Me[edit]

My Wikipedia nickname is Ineffable3000 and I am a Wikipedian. My real name and location is of no importance to Wikipedia, and will not be included on my user page. I am devoted to improving the quantity and quality of Wikipedia articles. I help fight vandalism and correct all errors that I find on pages.

I am a proud participant of Wikiproject Russian History and Wikiproject Military History. But the fact that I belong to those Wikiprojects does not prevent me from working on articles from other categories.

Articles I have started[edit]

Military history related articles[edit]

M1A1 abrams front.jpg

Battle of Werben · Battle of Rakovor · Battle of Matchin · Battle of Tashkessen · Battle of Svistov · Battle of Borysthenes · Battle of Focșani · Battle of Grengam · Battle of Elena · Battle of Stralsund (1628) · Battle of Stralsund (1715) · Battle of Amstetten · Battle of Pavia (1431) · Battle of Erbach · Battle of Yawata · Battle of the Gulf of Yenikale · Battle of Stockach (1799) · Battle of Surinam · Battle of Shijō Nawate · Battle of Bornholm (1676) · Battle of Dollar · Battle of Bauds · Battle of Hallue · Battle of Beaune-La-Rolande · Battle of Amiens (1870) · Battle of Noiseville · Battle of Bellevue · Battle of Beaumont · Battle of Als · Battle of Montevideo (1807) · Battle of Montevideo (1863) · Uruguayan Civil War · Battle of Ferkeh · Salamaua-Lae campaign

North Carolina related articles[edit]

North Carolina state seal.png

Chapel Hill Transit · Bear Creek Township, North Carolina

Russia related articles[edit]

Russia coa.png

Fire of Moscow (1547) · Fire of Moscow (1571) · Vorkuta Uprising · George Vernadsky · Nicholas Salos of Pskov · Arseny Matseevich · Yaroslavl Demidov State University · Nikolay Schilder · Uchraspred · Rabfak · List of Prosecutors General of Russia · Polytechnical Museum · Eralash · Eralash (card game) · Chaika (camera) · Sokha

Literature related articles[edit]

Old book bindings.jpg

Robert Bingham · Open City (magazine) · Evan Dara · Sentimental poetry

England related articles[edit]

England COA.svg

Robert de Bingham · Robert Neville · Walter de la Wyle · Master Hugo

US Government related articles[edit]

Great Seal of the United States (obverse).svg

United States v. Hubbell · Christmas tree bill · Executive communication · Adjourn for more than 3 days · Budget resolution · Reconciliation bill · Reconciliation process · Reconciliation instruction · Riddick's Senate procedure · Floyd M. Riddick

Self-Made Images I have Uploaded[edit]

Christ charlotte church.jpg Horse-drawn carriage in Charlotte, North Carolina (19 August 2006).jpg Chhs1.jpg Chhs2.jpg Chapel Hill Transit Shared Ride Van.jpg Chapel Hill Transit Bus Stop.jpg Arenal Volcano panorama.JPG Costan Rican monkey.jpg Arenal volcano a.jpg Arenal volcano b.jpg Brahman cattle.JPG Costa Rica Hydroelectricity.jpg Costa Rica beach.jpg Costa Rica beach2.JPG

Featured Pictures that I Nominated[edit]

I, Alex Bakharev, hereby award you this barnstar for your fine contributions to the Russia portal and project. Keep it up!

Crab Nebula.jpg Mandelbrot set 2500px.png