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Industry IT Security
Computer Hardware
Founded 2003
Headquarters United States San Jose, California
Key people
Kevin Gugneja (CEO)
Billy Bath (President)
Harvey Bath (CFO)
Robert Keith (CTO)
George Davidson (Director of Channel Sales)
Harpreet Dhillon (Director of Product Engineering)
Products Net-Gateway mISA Business Series
Net-Gateway mISAE Enterprise Series
Net-Gateway mIAG Series
Net-IPS IntruPro Series

nAppliance is an a Microsoft OEM Partner[1] which publishes their own brand of network security appliances based on Microsoft Forefront products[2]. Appliances run on a 'hardened' version of Windows Server 2003 R2 and are bundled with combinations of Microsoft ISA Server 2006 and Microsoft IAG 2007.


Started in early 2003, nAppliance is a fully-owned subsidiary of Iron Systems, Inc. nAppliance established a channel of resellers and partners[3] throughout North America and expanded into the European and Latin American markets in Q1 of 2008. Currently, nAppliance branded network security products are available in North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia via a large number of value added distributors and resellers.


Net-Gateway mISA/E Series[edit]

mISA and mISA Enterprise are appliances running Windows Server 2003 and ISA Server 2006, designed to function as perimeter security devices for a corporate network, making use of ISA Server’s firewall, VPN, web caching, and content filtering.

The enterprise version (mISAE) has the same core functionality as ISA standard, but has added features, such as the ability to load balance multiple nodes, and centrally control a multi-office deployment from a single location.[4]

Net-Gateway mIAG Series[edit]

The Net-Gateway mIAG appliance is an SSL VPN Appliance based on Microsoft IAG 2007. This SSL VPN technology allows users to remotely access applications over a web browser. Built into the software are endpoint security features that check user computers for compliance with security policies.

It is interesting to note that while the IAG Appliance has a fully featured version of ISA Server 2006, it is license restricted to basic functionality so that the IAG Appliance may not function as both an IAG and ISA Appliance.[5]

Net-IPS IntruPro Series[edit]

The IntruPro IPS is an Appliance resulting from a partnership between nAppliance and Open Intoto. Running Intoto's sensor software on top of nAppliance hardware, this device is designed to be an intrusion detection and prevention solution, preventing attacks on a network without interfering with normal traffic flow. Additionally, it has limited capability to limit certain kinds of bandwidth intensive traffic such as IM and P2P.[6]


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