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Welcome to my user page! If you want to contact me, feel free to post to my talk page or to send me email.

I am a Postgraduate Student living in Singapore, in the middle of a Master of Arts in Late Antique & Byzantine Studies at King's College London, having previously acquired a BA in Classics from the same institution. I am an alumnus of the Anglo-Chinese family of schools in Singapore, specifically Anglo-Chinese Junior School, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and Anglo-Chinese Junior College in turn.

My research interests include Byzantine History, Late Antique Greek and Byzantine Palæography, Culture and Religion in Late Antiquity, Theology & Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches, Byzantium after Byzantium, Postclassical Greek and Latin.

While on sabbatical in Singapore, I teach Greek & Latin as a private tutor, and Greek Tragedy at Anglo-Chinese Junior College.

I have a particular interest in Eastern Christianity, specifically in its Byzantine form, being a member of the Russian Catholic Church. I am a chanter trained in various traditions of church music both East and West, but particularly in Slavonic (Russian, Galician etc), Byzantine and Gregorian Chant.

In my free time I fence Sabre, Rapier and Broadsword. I also play Lute - both the smaller Renaissance 7-course Lute, the Baroque Archlute and Theorbo (which means I also play Basso Continuo).

WikiProject Involvment[edit]


SaintBarnstar.PNG A Barnstar
I proudly award you "The Saints' Barnstar" for creating and improving articles on saints and Eastern Christianity. Majoreditor 16:52, 13 April 2007 (UTC)

Articles Started[edit]

Category:Eastern Catholic saints

Articles With Substantial Contributions[edit]

Ah Lian, Akribeia, Amice, Anglo-Chinese School, Armenian Church, Singapore, Army Daze, Blessed Virgin Mary, Canonical hours, Clerical celibacy, Clerical celibacy (Catholic Church), Charalampus, Chorbishop, Christianity in Singapore, Cosmas of Aetolia, Constantine XI, Council of Florence, Cyriacus of Athens, Dalmatic, Dikirion and trikirion, Eastern Catholic Churches, Ecumenical Patriarch Joseph II of Constantinople, Ektenia, Eucharistic discipline, Gemistus Pletho, Gennadius II Scholarius, George Acropolites, Glory Be to the Father Hail Mary, Hakka, Holy Qurbana of Addai and Mari, Holy Week, Infant communion, Isidore of Kiev, Jonah Metropolitan of Moscow, Johannes Bessarion, Kliros, Kyrie, Lamb (Liturgy), Latin spelling and pronunciation, Lestovka, The Lord's Prayer in different languages, Lute, Maniple (vestment), Mapo dofu, Maximus the Greek, Menander Protector, Metropolitan Vitaly Ustinov, Michael Panaretos, Mitre, Old Believers, Omophorion, Orarion, Otak-otak, Pancras of Taormina, Phelonion, Prayer of Saint Ephrem, Raffles Institution, Roti john, Sabbas the Sanctified, Saints Cosmas and Damian, Sakkos, Sticharion, Subdeacon, Sub tuum praesidium, Teh tarik, Theorbo, Transubstantiation, Trisagion, Typica, Vestment, Znamenny Chant

Articles Needing Work[edit]

Chinese Orthodox Church, Ethnic Russians in China, Isidore of Kiev, Maximus the Greek, Patriarch Nikon, Amphilochius of Pochayiv, Easter Vigil, Euchologion, Missa Sicca, Canonical hours, Greek Catholic Church, Aumbry, Reserved sacrament, Pyx, Paschal Tide, Severus of Antioch, Moleben, Zemnoy poklon, Exapostilarion, Kassia, John Michael Botean

Articles to start[edit]

Sacrament house, Epistle book

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