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I'm user "infinitelink" and I have an interest in almost all things. Besides that, I just added a user page for myself. Note I don't know much about formatting for wikipedia (because I don't have the time), but I try to get missing subjects, at least, started so that others might be able to help from then on, and so, at least, those subjects will be present in the encyclopedia.

Note that I reserve the right to use all my entries as distinct from Wikipedia under different licenses. I hold that they are my intellectual property, but do not object to the GFDL in wikipedia, but recognize the entries as released from my own sources. Any other source I produce which contains that writing which I place into wikipedia is therefore subject to copyrights, IP, etc.. For example: Source code can be released under different licenses. If MIT licenses code under the GPL to a company that code remains GPL, but MIT is not subject to the GPL for their branch/fork (the original pool) of code, and any subsequent modifications/releases etc. to their copy of the code is still their property.

Note, I support open and commons works, but I'm just being careful here. : )


Testimoney of the Evangelist[edit]
Thankfully others started to help by wikifying this for me.
Treatise on the Law of Evidence[edit]
Basically just a stub so far, though I'll try to get source text, use of the book, its affects, etc. up soon.