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Areas of Interest, at this time (2015)[edit]

Origins of Equipment names[edit]

Origin of Terms[edit]

Health Physics Society[edit]

Formation of and founding members

In the midyear issue of Science the announcement came of the formation new national scientific organization for health physicists at the 3 day Health Physics Conference at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio on 14 June 1955.[1] The organization was temporarily named "Health Physics Society", and Karl Z. Morgan of the Health Physics Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory was elected interim president. Other interim officers are:

First Board of Directors[edit]

Talks regarding the formation of a professional society had been ongoing for several years. The health physicists had decided to form an independent organization rather than attach to an existing group.
Directors of the Health Physics Society included:


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Works Posted[edit]

Here are some of the subjects I am working on and have an interest in these days.


Board of Directors, Founders[edit]

Works in Progress[edit]

Health Phys. 1978 Jul;35(1):5-6.

  • **Leonidas D. Marinelli regarding the Marinelli beaker is found in a report by R.F. Hill, G.J. Hine and L.D. Marinelli (1950) of the Sloan-Kettering Institute in New York : “This equipment first designed by one of the present authors (L.D.M.) and in use in this laboratory since 1943, can now be obtained from Technical Associates, Inc. Glendale, California.”

[5] [6]

  • **Radiation Dosimetry and Protection

Marinelli, LD, (December 1953), Annual Review of Nuclear Science, Vol. 3: 249-270 (Volume publication date December 1953), DOI:10.1146/annurev.ns.03.120153.001341

  • **Radiological Physics Division Annual Report: July 1963 Through June 1964, L. D. Marinelli, Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne National Laboratory, Radiological Physics Division, 1964, 278 pages

Stamps - Science, Nuclear; People and Events[edit]

  • Stamps, science related and historical events and people in science.

Other Projects[edit]

  • Nancy Wood, and N. Wood Counter Laboratory
  • *Paul C. Aebersold and Paul C. Aebersold Award
  • Willian G. Myers, MD, PhD

John D. Boice, Jr., epidemiologist and health physicist[edit]

  • *Richard Monson
  • *Brian MacMahon
  • *George Hutchison
  • NCRP

Shields Warren, Boice's mentor[edit]

* InfoBox[edit]

Shields Warren
Shields Warren 1959.jpg
American pioneer pathologist and expert in medical radiation
Born (1898-02-26)February 26, 1898
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Died July 1, 1980(1980-07-01) (aged 82)
Mashpee, Massachusetts
Old age
Other names Shields Warren
Residence American
Citizenship United States
Nationality American
Fields Health physics
Biological effects of ionizing radiation
Institutions U.S. Navy
Harvard Medical School
New England Deaconess Hospital
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
Alma mater Boston University
Harvard Medical School, M.D., 1923
Notable students Eleanor Josephine MacDonald
John D. Boice, Jr.
Known for The Buchenwald touch
Influences Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
(anatomical Papier-mâché models)
Harvey Cushing
Stuart Harvey Mudd
Hugh Cabot
Influenced Eleanor Josephine MacDonald
William Avison Meissner
John D. Boice, Jr.
Notable awards

Ward Burdick Award for
Distinguished Service to Clinical Pathology
American Society of Clinical Pathology, 1949
Banting Medal for
Scientific Achievement Award
American Diabetes Association, 1953
Pathologist of the Year, Meritorious Service Award,
College of American Pathologists, 1955
James Ewing Lecture
Society of Surgical Oncology, 1962
American Cancer Society
National Award, 1968
Enrico Fermi Award, US DOE, 1971
Albert Einstein Medal and Award
Holmes Lecture, New England Roentgen Ray Society, 1972
Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award,
Health Physics Society, 1974
Gold Headed Cane Award,
Association of Clinical Scientists, 1980
Founders Award,
Health Physics Society, 1985

National Academy of Sciences

Dr. Gioacchino Failla[edit]

    • Oak Ridge Associated Universitie. "Seeds (ca. 1940s - 1960s)". Health Physics Historical Instrumentation Collection. Retrieved 12 November 2012.
    • Urey, H. and Failla, G. (15 March 1935). "CONCERNING THE TASTE OF HEAVY WATER. Science. 81 (2098): 273.
    • Pattipati Ramaiah Naidu
    • Edith Quimby
    • Janeway Medal

James Ewing pathologist[edit]


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More References, especially related to Radioactivity and Birds[edit]

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