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Flies from page to page making changes to them where he thinks it necessary. Welcomes debate though on whether those changes are correct.

Believes passionately that we are all equal on Wikipedia providing we act in good faith and reference fully our edits. Providing those principles are followed, no user has a greater entitlement to make edits than any other.

Brit by birth - educated in various schools in different parts of England in the 1970s and 1980s. Now lives in London.

Countries I have visited[edit]

France Germany Belgium Netherlands Austria Czech Republic Hungary ItalyVatican City Switzerland Republic of Macedonia Turkey Northern Cyprus Egypt Canada Norway Sweden Denmark Finland Estonia Lithuania Latvia Uruguay United States not forgetting Wales Scotland and also East Germany, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaand Soviet Union.

I hope one day to visit Laos and maybe even Venezuela

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We are all Europeans now and our future lies within the EU.
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Because none of the 4 countries in the UK can claim a greater importance than the others.
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"United Kingdomese" - What a ridiculous thing to say!
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That said, he does live in England.
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It is the greatest capital city in the world! :-) (Or so some say)
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And that's that.
But PLEASE be nice to him!
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