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Articles I plan to work on eventually. Listing them here is primarily a reminder to me, not to discourage anyone else from working on them before I get around to it. -- Infrogmation

Started, need to improve:[edit]

Need to start: people[edit]

Recording Industry[edit]

To start:

To improve:

Scan and upload images of record labels to:

... and many others on List of record labels



(some info at Dixieland)

To improve:

To start; people:

To start; other:

Other Music topics[edit]

On the List of musical events timeline, upload relevent illustrations for years in the public domain era. Years I've already done:

1863 in music; 1866 in music; 1875 in music;

1889 in music through 1922 in music all now have images (some of which could be improved).

I need to see about borrowing a digital camera or larger scanner for some of the oversized sheetmusic covers of the era.

Mesoamerican topics[edit]

To improve:

To clean up:

To start:

Need to start: misc[edit]