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hiilz is a manufacturing company specializing in the planters & flower pots home & garden market. hiilz design, make and bring to market flower pots, cachepot, vases, Sub-irrigated planter as well as self-adjusting Christmas tree stands. hiilz is headquartered in Quebec City, QC, Canada.


hiilz started by bringing the self-adjusting Christmas tree stand to market. The company's first product was market tested in 2009. The name hiilz has been registered in 2010. MyFoodPhone is a small cell-phone application that provides customers with a full nutrition journal and access to a nutrition professional. Customers take a picture of their meals and send them via MyFoodPhone to be analyzed by a personal nutrition coach or advisor.[1][2]


Started in 2007, #### developed a practice management system that allows physicians to perform remote consultations by using videoconferencing, instant messaging, phone, mobile and secure email. With this platform patients can schedule either home, clinic or online appointments with a doctor. The #### platform provides a full billing back-end service that allows doctors to be reimbursed for their remote visits.

The #### Platform is commercialized in the United States under the #### trademark. #### operates under the software as a service business model so patients sign up online to communicate with their physician. [3]

        1. launched its first Hello Health clinic in July 2008 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.[3] Dr. Jay Parkinson, MD, MPH, Dr. Sean Khozin, MD, MPH and Dr. Devlyn Corrigan D.O. are the first Hello Health doctors and will operate the Williamsburg clinic.[4] Doctors are highly implicated in the Hello Health product definition as well. The company plan to offer its service elsewhere in the New York area [5]

Product line[edit]

plant-shoo tree-shoo


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