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I don't really know what's supposed to go on a user page.

I do a lot of copyediting and undoing vandalism whenever I happen to stumble across someplace that needs it. I mostly correct errors on pages I happen to be visiting for other reasons. Maybe someday that'll change, but for now, I'm content just keeping Wikipedia as clean, nice, and encyclopedic as possible.

I Wikirace my boyfriend when I'm bored, but often get sidetracked by needing to correct bad grammar or formatting...

I'm always happy to contribute photos I've taken to try to improve articles, or to replace non-free images. It really makes my day when I see my pictures incorporated into other articles I didn't know existed!

For reference, I'm also int3gr4te on Wikimedia Commons. I don't want to upkeep two userpages, though, so that one just directs here.

Image contributions[edit]

Galleria Borghese[edit]