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Astro (Roguelike) is a sci-fi themed roguelike RPG. It is written in C++, utilizing libTCOD [1] and SDL. Currently, the game is playable on Windows and Linux machines. The version control system for this project is GitHub. Astro's code is open-source and can be forked from the GitHub repository.

Game Story[edit]

A classified military space station - the Astroverious - communication signals have gone dark. You have been sent on a solo mission is to retrieve information, including the ship’s black box as well as other info, about why communication went dark and what was happening inside the Astroverious. Upon investing you find that there are weird alien-like creatures all over the ship. These aliens manifest themselves as their own entities but also have spores which can control both people and robots. This allows there to be multiple enemy types: Aliens, infected human crew, infected robot crew, infected ship systems, malfunctioning robots, and more.

Roguelike Features[edit]

Astro features many classic characteristics of roguelike games, including:

Main Character[edit]

The player upon startup can choose a race, class, and subclass combination.


Description of Race goes here

Races of main character
Race Description Starting Extras
Human Human description Human starting
Robot Robot description robot starting
Alien alien description alien starting

Classes and Subclasses[edit]

A player can choose any of the three classes listed below, regardless of which race they have chosen. The player may choose one of three subclasses, which vary between classes.

Classes (Role) and Subclasses (Job) of main character
Class Name Description Starting Stats Subclass Name Description Starting Stats
Marine Example Example Infantry Infantry starting Infantry description
Medic Medic starting Medic description
Quartermaster Quartermaster starting Quartermaster description
Explorer Example Example Survivalist Survivalist description Survivalist starting
Pirate Pirate description Pirate Starting
Merchant Merchant description Merchant starting
Mercenary Example Example Assassin Assassin description Assassin starting
Brute Brute description Brute Starting
Hacker Hacker Description Hacker Starting Stuff


The main character has 4 stats

Main Character Stats
Stats Starting Stats Description
Strength Example Example
Dexterity Example Example
Intelligence Example Example
Vitality Example Example




Graphical User Interface[edit]

Keyboard Controls[edit]

Playing the game can either be done on a keyboard or with an Xbox 360 Controller.

QWERTY Keyboard[edit]

Xbox 360 Controller[edit]

To use an Xbox 360 Controller, it will need to have a wired controller connected to your machine via USB port.


The creators of Astro consist of eight University of Florida undergraduates who are members of Team Astro. This is a project for our Introduction to Software Engineering (CEN3031) class in Spring 2014.

The methodology of software development taught in this course is Agile.

The information in the table below is current as of April 6, 2014.

Name Graduation Date Major Contact Information Role in Development
Mitchell Burgunder
Garrett Cotton
Shane Exterkamp
Ryan Faries May 2015 Computer Science and Mathematics
Shane Geller
Meghan King May 2015 Mathematics
Aaron Marquez
Wesley Olson


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