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About me[edit]

Hi! I'm Oz which is my real nickname too. I usually hang out in #wikipedia-en on the Freenode network.

I, PZFUN hereby award you, Inter, this Scandinavian Mediators Club Barnstar for your distinguished mediator skills.
  • I have a passion for working out.
  • I'm 37 years of age.
  • I listen to music constantly. All the time.
  • I live in Norway.
  • I love beer and good company!
  • I am a Wikiholic (sporadically)
  • I'm a solutions architect within the IT industry.

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Note: If you HAVE to vandalize my userpage and/or counters, please increment the appropriate counter by 1 (or how many edits/vandalisms you do).

  • This page has been vandalized File:Counter.gif times (but Pi-symbol.svg actual times).
    • Since the number was replaced with pi, I am going to ask that you change the number of vandalisms here, instead of interfering with the mighty pi. So, this page has been vandalized 19 times by anon users and 9 times by registered Wikipedians and 1 times by aliens.
Inter did lots of work tagging Template:Onlinesource2004/5 and Template:Authoronlinesource2004/5 onto all our Wikipedia:Wikipedia as a press source 2005 and Wikipedia:Wikipedia as a press source 2004 articles. Ta bu shi da yu awards it to him for spending about 15 hours doing it, and recommends councelling for addiction to Wikipedia.


In recognition of your swift response to vandalism on Buttplug, I, Anilocra, award you this Golden Butt Plug.

If you happen to be new here, or just want to find out about common stuff, there's probably some questions roaming around in your creative head.

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For putting spammers in their place, you are awarded this barnstar... Gaff ταλκ 13:39, 9 October 2014 (UTC)


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