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It all started with the handle Intergalactic Hussy, a Simpson's reference, [1] I began using for no other reason than it sounded funny. Being a lover of space - and The Simpsons - it seemed perfect. Image manipulation is one of my greatest passions, as well as other digital art forms. I have more recently developed this new passion in the past few years, well after I graduated from the University of Miami [2] with a double major in Motion Pictures and Creative Writing.

Names & Handles[edit]

Rose Schwartz, Rosy, Intergalactic Hussy, interhuss, interhuss designs


interhuss designs [3], [4], Coming Out Godless: What's Your Story? [5]

Web & Graphic Design[edit]

Please contact me [6] if you need a web graphic done or would just like to connect. Additionally, feel free to check out my services [7] to see what I can do for you.


Mozilla Firefox[8], Greasemonkey[9], The GIMP[10], Audacity[11], Open Office[12], Virtual Dub[13]