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Yes, that's me, Interlude 65. Welcome to my user page. Some various things about me are explained below. Enjoy reading!

Favorite bands[edit]

Some other things about me[edit]

My favorite color is red because...well...I just like the way it looks! I think it's a very bright and attractive color.

Here's something else about me: I'm a retro hobbyist. I use and appreciate older products, such as the Apple IIe, the iMac G3 (I still think that's Apple's most attractive computer), the Mac OS 9 operating system, vinyl turntables, and those old multitrack reel-to-reel recorders (I don't have that kind of product but I greatly appreciate it). Also older video game systems which are the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the Nintendo 64, the Sony PlayStation, and that's all I can think of. I mean, some of the newer stuff is cool too, but I like the older stuff better because it's more interesting to experience what it was like back in those very days.

Yet another thing about me: I have Asperger syndrome (a disorder that's in the Autism spectrum), which my parents discovered when I was five. I am always doing research and know many, many different things about products, especially computers, the computer business, and audio technology.

Favorite instrument[edit]

I love to play the drums, that's my all-time favorite instrument. My talent was discovered when I was just a baby: I would mimic drum set sounds with my mouth (I still can do so to this day). Therefore, my parents pretty much got the message, so they bought me my first drum kit back in Christmas 2003 when I was four. I beat the crap out of that kit not very long after we got it. Then in Christmas 2004, I got another drum kit, but it was the same result as before: the crap was beaten out of it. Then, my parents sort of put me on hiatus from having a drum kit. Finally, in March 2011, I got an electronic drum kit by the new Simmons drum company that is owned by Guitar Center. And, on October 1, 2012, I finally got a set of acoustic drums. It's a Ludwig drum set with Zildjian cymbals, and I'm liking them a whole lot. I play them pretty much every day (just not on weekends).

Favorite drummers[edit]

Thanks for reading[edit]

Well, looks like that's all I have to say. Sorry if I have to be such a motormouth, but thanks for reading my user page anyway. By the way, I have my own personal talk page. Scroll this page up to the very top and click the Talk tab on the upper left, or go up to where my navigator is and click Talk Page. Go there if you wish to discuss anything with me. This has been Interlude 65, signing off for now (well, not actually off of Wikipedia, but you get the idea).

My Status Indicator[edit]

  • Online: I am online and should respond within 15 minutes.
  • Around: I'm probably around, but away from the keyboard. I will check in once in a while, and you'll get a response in less than 2 hours.
  • Busy: Maybe doing something complicated, or doing actual work. (School) I'm away from the computer. You might not get a response right away. (Probably a week or so.)
  • Offline: Response time should be within 48 hours (but no longer than 96 hours).
  • Unknown: I am either one of these, but the status is just unable to display.

End of Page[edit]