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Senior Editor III
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OperatorUser:Cyberpower678 and User:Harej
Task(s)Combats LINKROT
Edit rateContinuous
Edit period(s)Continuous
Automatic or manual?Automatic
Programming language(s)PHP
Exclusion compliant?Yes
Source code published?internetarchivebot on GitHub
Emergency shutoff-compliant?Yes

$ Cyberpower678, in accordance with the Wikimedia Foundation's Terms of Use, discloses that they have been paid by Internet Archive for their contributions to Wikipedia. This funding is for the ongoing development of InternetArchiveBot.

Shutoff procedure

  1. Go to Bot Runpages
  2. Scroll down to "English Wikipedia" (or whichever wiki)
  3. Click "Goto Runpage"
  4. Fill in the textbox at the top of the page with the reason for deactivating the bot, then click "Disable"
  5. Notify User talk:Cyberpower678

Contact us

  • You can contact us on IRC: #iabot connect

What is InternetArchiveBot and what does it do?

InternetArchiveBot (abbreviated as IABot), is an advanced bot designed to combat link rot, as well as fix inconsistencies in sources such as improper template usage, or invalid archives.

You can use this bot yourself by viewing the revision history of any page, and clicking on the "Fix dead links" link in the "External tools" section at the top of the page.

Under the hood, Cyberbot has an immense, and ever growing, database, where each URL is saved along with details with, and archive snapshots, either queried from the Wayback Machine, or collected elsewhere on Wikipedia. On top of that, the bot is highly customizable to suit the wiki's needs. Several options can be customized, such as which sources to touch, which pages to scan, and whether or not to scan live links and act on that information. IABot is still in ongoing development, to support additional wikis, but is complete for the English Wikipedia.

Bot tasks

  1. Looks for tagged dead links and adds an archive link to the tagged references.  Approved. Approval request
  2. Looks for non-tagged dead links and adds an archive link to the reference.  Approved. Approval request
  3. Looks for book references and adds a link to the reference to a readable copy of the book.  Approved. Approval request