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Age: 28.

Sex: Male.

Location: Canada.

Time: Been here since the early 2007: reached over 1,750 edits.

Articles of Interest: Philosophy, History, Psychology, Music, Biology, and Arab technology.

Profile: My Facebook Page.

Pages I made contributions to[edit]

War of 1812

Lateralization of brain function

Sense of time




Siege of Fort Meigs



History of the telescope

Optical telescope

Internal combustion engine


Grammar/English Crusades[edit]

War of 1812: at 0% and/or 25%

Internal combustion engine: at 100%.

History of the telescope: at 100%.

Norse colonization of the Americas: 100%.

Telescope: at 100%.

Optical telescope: at 20%.

Spanish conquest of Peru: at 0%.

Battle of Punta Quemada: at 0%.

Battle of Puná: at 0%.

Battle of Cajamarca: at 0%.

Battle of Cuzco: at 0%.

Siege of Cuzco: at 0%.

Battle of Ollantaytambo: at 0%.

Battle of Las Salinas: at 0%.

Engineering: at 0%.

Microscope: at 0%.

Spanish conquest of the Yucatan: at 0%.


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