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Welcome to the most boring page on English Wikipedia.

My Wikipedia username is Interpuncts. I am an undergraduate earth science student at the University of Manchester, and live in South Cambridgeshire in the East of England the rest of the time. I don't edit on Wikipedia much; when I do it usually consists of minor updates to rectify typographical errors, or vandalism of party-political infoboxes. If I ever do something disagreeable, feel free to let me know on my talk page, though please be gentle!


My interests range from music, geology, zoology, reading - mostly non-fiction, though not exclusively - and current affairs. I am a violinist, though I have a soft spot for theatre!

Two topics which I am trying to gain more insight in are theology and political philosophy: I never cared much for the former and never thought much about the latter. I accrue my edits when reading articles that I'm interested in, rather than being an avid recent changes patroller. Of course, I try to avoid my viewpoints clouding edits on Wikipedia in the spirit of neutrality!


I am not particularly loyal to any political party. Ideologically I identify as a liberal conservative, with corresponding socially and economically liberal viewpoints. I'm moderately pro-European and generally find populism distasteful.

I'll continue editing this as I find more conflicts of interest!