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This was my little project for making it possible to override Wikipedia template styles and colors in users' custom stylesheets, in a (hopefully) consistent manner. It has been discontinued for now — the world won and I lost, and gave up to a black-on-white color scheme. However, if anyone is interested, there is still a chance of reviving the project. If you wish to participate in the project or comment on it, feel free to contact me on the talk page, User talk:Intgr/template styling, or my personal talk, User talk:Intgr.

For the initial discussion that led to this, see User talk:Intgr/template styling#White-on-black color schemes. Also, Wikipedia:Don't worry about performance.


The project grew out of my switching to a white-on-black (that is, white text on black background) color scheme on my computer. I found it to be more ergonomic, and subsequently attempted writing a custom user stylesheet, but ended up being frustrated with templates that only override background color, while assuming that the text color is black — resulting in unreadable "white on white" text (a very common problem with these kinds of color schemes).

I discussed the problem on the Wikipedia village pump and hoped to find some sympathizers. I did not find sympathizers, but people seemed to agree that merely adding class attributes to template elements would not be intrusive.

For anyone who would like to try out my stylesheet, it's at User:Intgr/standard.css (intended for the "Classic" theme). Yes, it's ugly, but it's better than staring at a lightbulb. ;)

Table cell templates[edit]

These templates are normally used in comparison tables. See also: Template:Table cell templates.

CSS class Templates Preview 1 Preview 2 Preview 3
table-rh {{rh}} Row header
table-yes {{yes}} Yes
table-no {{no}} No
table-yes2 {{yes2}} Text text
table-no2 {{no2}} Text text
table-partial {{partial}}, {{Yes-No}}, {{some}} Partial Yes/No Some
table-na {{n/a}} N/A
table-unknown {{dunno}}, {{unk}} ? Unknown
table-depends {{depends}} Depends
table-included {{included}} Included
table-dropped {{dropped}}, {{terminated}} Dropped Terminated
table-beta {{beta}} Beta
table-free {{free}} Free
table-nonfree {{nonfree}} Non-free
unstyled {{?}} ?

Generic classes[edit]

Class: messagebox-yellow[edit]

Messageboxes with an inner table that has a yellow background.

Class: messagebox-beige[edit]

Messageboxes with an inner table that has a beige background.



Class: messagebox-white[edit]

Unknown class TODO[edit]