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This is my very bland user page.

Some of you may remember me from OzScrapers, where I am one of the moderators. I do a little bit of photography, some of my photos can be found here.

I have been on hiatus from wikipedia editing for a while - I am shifting to mainly contributing photos (or nothing at all). All photos taken since March 2007 have been taken using a Nikon D70. I acquired a Nikon D80 in January 2008, pictures since then are taken using either camera (check the metadata).

Everything here is horribly out of date, sadly I don't have time to be making many contributions. However, I still log in regularly and I spend a lot of time over at OzScrapers

Help out on stuff: Image to-do list


Also check out the automatically generated gallery at commons: commons:User:Invincible/gallery


From the Sandbox best-of article.