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This is a list of recurring family/household members of Archie's Gang in the Archie comics stories.

The Lodges[edit]

The family of Veronica Lodge are the most frequently appearing extended family characters in the Archie stories. Bob Montana, creator of the original Archie characters, knew a Massachusetts political family by that name because he painted a mural for them. He borrowed the name when he created the character of Hiram Lodge.


Hiram Lodge is Veronica's father, whom she often calls "daddykins". He is a multimillionaire and philanthropist, but is very conscious of money. He is usually portrayed as an industrialist with diverse holdings rather than a financier and is frequently involved in international business ventures. Despite his business dealings, he always has time for family. Several stories indicate that the initial capital behind his financial empire was initially from his wife. He first appeared in Pep Comics #31. His birthday is April 27.

Although he has no concerns over Archie's social or financial status, Mr Lodge often avoids him and wishes his daughter would stop dating him, because it seems that whenever Archie visits the Lodge mansion something (usually expensive, or Mr. Lodge himself) gets damaged. Nevertheless deep-down he does like Archie and knows he treats Veronica well. He also fears she might be spoiled by other, wealthier young men, although ironically, Lodge spoils Veronica quite a lot himself. He is also able to accept Archie because in various stories he has saved Mr Lodge from a number of thieves, blackmailers, and underhanded business rivals who were trying to rob him or steal various priceless treasures from him.


Hermione Lodge is Veronica's mother. She spends her time as an organizer of charities and social events. Often a minor character, Hermione Lodge is loyal to her family but often at a loss in dealing with the angst and attitudes of modern teenagers. She is traditionally portrayed as an aristocratic matron but like many of the parents of the Archie teenagers, she has been made slimmer and more youthful in recent years. Her birthday is May 8.

While she enjoys the privileges of wealth, she also accepts the duties and obligations of a wealthy and high-profile lifestyle, and wishes Veronica was less concerned with the glitz and glamour. As a result she quietly encourages her daughter's friendship with Betty Cooper and involvement in "normal" social activities (like babysitting).


Leroy is Veronica's young cousin (which side of the family is not clear) who occasionally visits the Lodges. Veronica likes him but he tends to make life very difficult for Archie. He more frequently appears in the newspaper strips.


The Lodge household wouldn't be complete without mentioning the servants.


Smithers is Mr Lodge's butler and majordomo. Slightly portly and balding, he is the most frequently seen and consistently named of the servants. He is a consummate professional and shares Mr Lodge's likes, dislikes and sensibilities. He is sometimes shown to have a low-key personal friendship with his employer.


Members of the staff are only occasionally seen and rarely named, and those names can vary from story to story. Most frequently seen are the chef, chauffeur and at least two maids (Fifi and Angelina).

The Andrews[edit]

The parents of Archie Andrews were introduced in Pep Comics #22 in 1941.


Fred Andrews is Archie's father, whom he usually calls Pop. He is an old-fashioned conservative, and somewhat stressed middle-class businessman with a consequently short temper. He is middle-aged, losing his hair and regularly dieting in a failing attempt to control his weight. His birthday is June 10.

Fred would like a quiet, peaceful life sliding easily into retirement, but with Archie there that seems an impossible dream. He sees his son as lazy and girl-crazy, and often tries (unsuccessfully) to get him to buckle down academically, get a part-time job and generally take life more seriously.

Despite any perceived short-comings however he genuinely loves his son, and is quite soft-hearted underneath it all. He enjoys fishing to relax; he also plays the saxophone, and briefly played with The Archies.


Mary Andrews is Archie's mother. She works for a real estate agency. Her birthday is December 3.

She is even tempered with a sweet disposition, and never seems to lose her composure or control of the household. She maintains a gentle but constant pressure on her son to do better, and on her husband to watch his temper (and stick to his diet).

The Coopers[edit]

Betty Cooper's parents first appeared in Pep Comics #23.


Hal Cooper is Betty's father. He is a pharmacist and well-respected member of the community. He is very civic minded and serves on the town council.


Alice Cooper is Betty's mother. Although a strict disciplinarian she has a strong relationship with Betty and is always there for her — but sometimes wishes she would outgrow being a tomboy.


Chic Cooper is Betty's oldest sibling. He has moved out and was primarily seen in the Lil Archie stories, however he has appeared very occasionally in the main stories. He apparently has a secret government job.


Polly Cooper is Betty's older sister. She works as a media journalist on the coast and visits occasionally. Although Betty loves her, they had a strong sibling rivalry growing up which is still a sore spot for Betty, and she often feels overshadowed by Polly when she's around.

The Jones[edit]

Forsythe Pendleton Jr[edit]

Forsythe Pendleton Jones Jr is Jughead's father. He is a thin, balding middle-age man who dislikes unnecessary activity almost as much as his son. Nonetheless, he is a well-meaning family man and a good middle-class provider.


Gladys Jones is Jughead's mother. She worries about his lack of ambition and is constantly getting him to do chores and pushing him to take part in activities, which he tries to find ways to avoid.


Forsythia "Jellybean" Jones is his little sister.

Wilma Wilkin[edit]

Wilma Wilkin is Gladys Jones' sister (Jughead's maternal aunt). They also have a brother named Herman who lives with Wilma and her family.

The Mantles[edit]

Reggie Mantle's family are rarely mentioned and almost never seen.


Richard "Ricky" Mantle is Reggie's father. He is a well-to-do workaholic newspaper publisher who has little or no time for his son or anyone else. Given his character and the almost complete lack of mention of Reggie's mother he may be separated or divorced, which would be more in line with current rates of marriage breakdown in the real world, but not something the Archie universe has been willing to explore. His name is from legendary New York Yankees baseball player Mickey Mantle.

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